WCTV Live Blog: Florida State 3 - Boston College 35

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
October 27, 2017

BOSTON, Mass. (WCTV) -- The Florida State Seminoles have an early week this week as they look to avoid their first two-game losing streak of the season.

The opponent: The suddenly surging Boston College Eagles, who have won two in a row, and three of their last four overall.

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That was ugly, but it's over.


From bad to worse - 3Q 11:00, 28-3 BC
It looked like FSU was going to get the ball but a muffed punt from Tavares McFadden set the Eagles up at the Noles 11 and Dillon plowed home a two-yard touchdown run to extend the lead.

The main story going into the second half will be the health of James Blackman, who took several heavy hits in the final Noles' drive of the half.

It's getting ugly, folks - 2Q 6:48, 21-0 BC
FSU had every receiver covered in the end zone, but left BC quarterback Anthony Brown left unaccounted for as he waltzes into the end zone.

The FSU sideline looks dejected. The offense needs to make something happen here or it could be over before halftime.

Seesaw offense - 2Q 9:24, 14-0 BC
That min-drive by the Noles is kind of a snapshot of how this whole game, and season, has gone for FSU.

Blackman stays cool in the pocket and takes a hit as he finds Noonie for a 34-yard pickup but then, two plays later, he tries to hit Izzo across the middle but it's ripped away for a BC interception.

Short field helps no one - 2Q 10:10, 14-0 BC
The Noles giving BC a short field helped the Eagles tremendously as BC puts the finishing touches on an eight play, 46 yard touchdown drive, capped off by a Tommy Sweeney 11-yard touchdown reception.


Maybe not the best idea - 1Q 0:11, 7-0 BC
Tavares McFadden takes the BC punt around the 10 yard line, but goes backwards before being taken down around the 2 yardline in FSU territory. Not great field position for the Noles is an understatement.

Heartbreaker - 1Q 3:36, 7-0 BC
Just as the Noles were on the doorstep of the end zone, Akers lost the handle of the ball and an Eagle recovered it to end the Noles possession.

A lot of good came out of it, though. Akers was looking unstoppable and Blackman looks the most poised we've seen all season. But that penalty will hurt.

Cool under pressure - 1Q 4:46, 7-0 BC
It's early, but James Blackman looks super poised in the pocket tonight. He just found Cam Akers across the middle for a big conversion on 3rd and 6 as the pocket was collapsing in on him.

The Noles are driving, set up with a 1st and Goal

It's trickaaaaaay - 1Q 7:55, 7-0 BC
Boston College runs their second trick play of the day, this time a double-handoff that results in a passing touchdown by Jeff Smith to Kobay White and the Noles trail for the first time today.

Easing into it - 1Q, 13:24
After those two explosive plays to begin the game, the Noles defense settled down and had a lucky break as Tommy Sweeney was unable to haul in a pass that would have gone for a touchdown.

Fast and furrious - 1Q, 14:35
Already, this is not the start the Noles needed. They allow a 65-yard kickoff return and then a 26-yard gain on a reverse sweep to the Eagles in the first two plays of the game.

Coin Toss
Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for joining me. Let's see what the Seminoles can do on their short week on the road against one of the more surprising teams in the country this year in BC.

The coin toss goes the way of the Noles, and they defer the option to the second half.

We are just about ready for football.

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