Wakulla Co. School Board approves teacher pay raise

By: Jacob Murphey | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 9, 2019

CRAWFORDVILLE, Fla. (WCTV) – Teachers in Wakulla County will be cashing more in the bank soon, after the school board approved pay raises for educators Monday night.

The unanimous vote comes as the district tries to keep teacher salaries competitive with neighboring communities.

Teachers are evaluated using a merit system. Those that earn the top "highly effective" rating should see an annual increase of $1,701.

Teachers who earn lower ratings will see more modest raises.

In addition, the district is working to dish out more to cover healthcare costs, which is a major concern for teachers in the district.

Superintendent Bobby Pearce points out his district has worked hard to find ways to reward teachers over the years.

"A highly effective teacher that has worked with us for seven years and has been highly effective every year has increased their salary by $9,200 over a seven year window," he said.

The base salary for a Wakulla County teacher jumps to $37,500. That's comparable to the Leon County mark.

Elena Myhre serves as the president of the Wakulla Classroom Teachers Association, which worked with district officials to negotiate the raises.

She said the school board works well with teachers to find a reasonable way forward. The fact they're all neighbors, she argues, makes it easy to get results.

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