Wakulla H.S. coaches, staff react to Nigel Bradham's Super Bowl victory

By: Brittany Bedi | WCTV Eyewitness News
February 5, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Wakulla County residents are celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory.

While Florida is far from the city of brotherly love, locals are cheering on Wakulla High School and Florida State alum Nigel Bradham.

Wakulla High School coaching staff, teachers and family friends all noticed a common trait in Bradham by his freshman year: A strong work ethic, plus dedication to academics and football.

Hunter Tucker was Bradham’s business systems and technology teacher at Wakulla High School.

“I’m excited for him, I mean, he’s such a good guy. He always comes back here and gives back to Wakulla,” said Tucker. “I know he remembers us, and I know he thinks about Wakulla all the time. It’s just exciting.”

Matt Higgins is the athletic trainer for the Wakulla War Eagles. He noted that Bradham always worked hard training and he never was injured despite his physical play.

“It’s really cool to see him be successful as he’s gone through college and the pros and now winning a Super Bowl, it’s just amazing how far he’s gone,” said Higgins.

Bradham’s coaches, teachers and family friends were glued to the television for the big game. The excitement was in the air during and after the game.

Jeffery Donaldson knew Bradham as a teenager. His son was Bradham’s high school teammate and friend. His wife and friends all watched the Eagles’ victory together.

“It’s on video so they were screaming and hollering. A lot of his friends came from out of town just to come down and be with each other just to see him play,” said Donaldson. “It was a big reaction, they couldn’t believe it either.”

Wakulla High School head football coach Scott Klees coached Bradham for four years. He said that aside from being an outstanding athlete, he always kept up in school. The Super Bowl victory was a testament to his hard work.

“That’s an accomplishment. He’s from Wakulla County. He shows what a role model he is for all these other young men that if you do what you’re supposed to do, you set your goals, and work hard, good things could happen, and that’s what this county’s all about,” said Klees.

Nigel Bradham is the first Wakulla High School alum to win a Super Bowl. Now, teachers and friends want a way to commemorate his victory.

“Some former teachers and former coaches put on there that they’d like to see a sign when you come into Wakulla County named after Nigel Bradham, maybe have a parade,” said Windey Jones, Wakulla High School physical education teacher. ”Everybody’s really excited for him. They’re happy for him.”

There’s no word on whether there will be a victory celebration when Bradham visits Wakulla County.

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