Want to take better notes? Try SOAR method

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By: Ivanhoe Newswire
January 16, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Taking good notes is a skill that can help you in school and in your career. Just think about all the times you scramble to remember what was said at a lecture or in a meeting.

You’ve probably had to take notes at one time or another, but what’s the best way to capture the most important info?

First, make sure you’re writing the right things down. Most people only take down about 1/3 of relevant information. A study method using the acronym S.O.A.R. can help you sort through the excess.

First, “Select” the important info. In your notes by either highlighting it or editing it down. Then “Organize” your notes in a logical way. Next: “Associate.” That means you’ll try to make connections with your own experiences or use memory tricks. Finally: “Regulate.” Look through your notes and see if they make sense. Take out or look up info that doesn’t.

Also when it comes to writing or typing, there’s not a clear winner. A keyboard allows you to average 30-40 words a minute, while long-hand writers average about 20 words a minute. But studies have shown students who type notes in class perform worse on conceptual questions than those who use pen and paper. The bottom line: make sure you take notes in a way that’s works for you.

Another problem with using a laptop to take notes is that incoming messages and notifications can be distracting, causing you to become less focused on note-taking.

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