Wednesday's Child: Meet the Rosenberg family

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
May 31, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- WCTV and Werner Hyundai are teaming up to highlight local foster children and foster parents.

This is the Rosenberg family's story.

On any given afternoon, you may bump into the Rosenbergs at the park.

"In doggy years, Chewy is about your age," says mom, Heather Rosenberg.

"Ellie loves all pets," says Ellie’s brother, Warren Rosenberg.

Warren, Liam and Ellie are a “tornado” of fun. They are each unique in their own way.

"Warren has an incredible sense of humor,” says Heather. “He's funny. He’s very smart, very clever and he's a joy to be around.”

"Liam is incredibly loving. You can have the worst day of your life and you come home and his face lights up and he's so happy to see you,” says Heather on son Liam. “He's gives the best hugs!"

And on Ellie…

"Ellie is my little princess," says Heather.

The Rosenbergs weren’t always a family of five. Heather and her husband Evan started their journey eight years ago.

"In August of 2009 we became licensed parents and had our first baby placed with us four days later," says Heather. "We thought we would go the adoption route and when we reached out to find the classes you have to go through, we started sitting through it and they started talking to us about all the things foster kids need and started talking about that. So we said 'ok, why don't we try this?'"

Heather and her husband opened their homes to Warren, Liam, and Ellie. The three entered the foster system shortly after they were born.

"The journey to becoming a family of five was an interesting one," says Heather.

But the Rosenbergs didn’t stop at fostering three children.

"My mom adopts a lot of people," says Warren.

Heather’s response, "I think you're talking about fostering. We've fostered sixteen kiddos."

The fostering experience has lead Heather to take action.

"I saw kinks in the system, what worked and what didn't,” says Heather. “I applied for a job with the department and became the children's ombudsman."

Eventually the Rosenbergs' bond with Warren, Liam and Ellie would become permanent. They’re forever home, is with Heather and her husband.

Still, this family says the need for foster parents is abundant. They say opening homes and hearts, will change multiple lives forever.

"They're all three incredibly amazing kids in their own way,” says Heather on her children. “I'm the most blessed person in the world to be blessed with them."

Just as laughter fills the playground, it’s no secret their love is infectious.

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