Woman found living in filthy van with 22 dogs, parrot

WETHERSFIELD, Conn. (WFSB/CNN) - A woman from Massachusetts is facing animal cruelty charges after she was pulled over for a traffic violation and officers found nearly two dozen dogs and a parrot in her van.

Suzanne Eser, 58, faces an animal cruelty charge after police say she lived in her van with a number of animals for months. (Source: WFSB/Wethersfield Police/CNN)

Suzanne Eser, 58, was pulled over Monday morning by police in Wethersfield, Connecticut, for driving with a license plate registered to another vehicle.

Officers were surprised to find 22 dogs and a parrot inside the van, which was covered in garbage and animal waste.

“The officer called for public health to come to the van because it was so bad. A veteran sergeant [said] to me that in all the things he has seen in all the years he has been here, this has to fall into the top five of the worst he’s ever seen,” Police Chief James Cetran said.

Police say the suspect has an address in Massachusetts, but they believe she had been living in the van for a number of months.

The 22 dogs and parrot were taken to nearby shelters to be evaluated. Cetran says some of them were not in good shape, and up to seven of the dogs may end up having to be euthanized.

Eser faces an animal cruelty charge. She is no longer in custody after posting $1,000 cash bail but is due in court in two weeks.

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