"You want me gone, I'm gone": Taylor County administration, community react to football coach resignation

By: Kevin Keane | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
August 19, 2019

TAYLOR COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) -- They say there's two sides to every story.

Football players at Taylor County say former head coach Maurice Besler's coaching methods felt dictator-like in nature, going so far as to cut players for almost trivial reasons.

Administrators say it was tough love, and they respected the job Besler was doing.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

But we do know this; Besler has been around high school athletics for some time; he hasn't stayed in a head coaching role for long, even having a brief stint as head coach of Rickards High School.

A quick search of his name on the internet will show a lot of complaints from players and coaches regarding his coaching style.

From the player perspective, it was his treatment of the team that led them to threaten a boycott of the season if something wasn't done.

On Sunday, an emergency meeting was called at the school, which featured players, parents, Besler and administration, including Superintendent Danny Glover.

At the meeting, Besler was caught on video saying, "You want me gone, I'm gone," and leaving the campus.

The meeting's intention was to try and resolve the issues between the coach and the players.

That didn't happen.

Glover, who has taken over the role as interim head coach on Monday, said he was shocked with how it all played out.

“No sir, did not except that. We immediately started planing for today. We want what’s best for the kids make sure they have the best opportunity possible. They have talent and a chance to be successful,” he said.

WCTV also spoke with associated head coach Edward Harvey, Sr., who has been at the school since 1988 and says he had a lot of respect for Besler and was disappointed in what transpired on Sunday.

He also said he's aware several players and parents didn't support how Besler was abusing his power.

When asked if the parents should trust this administration, he said without question.

“Absolutely, I just want to make sure that understand things happen for a reason," Harvey said. "We don’t know the outcome don’t get distracted from things happening. We’re looking at the good things.”

WCTV has been told that Besler has cut players on the team for missing summer camp due to having full time job obligations and for forgetting cleats, just to name a few.

Talking with the community on Monday, they say Besler stepping down is probably for the best.

WCTV tried multiple times to reach out to Besler for comment. WCTV asked Glover for Besler's phone number, but Glover said he didn't have it. Additionally, Besler's school email has been shut down.

Sports director Kevin Keane reached out to the team's assistant coaches, but he did not hear back from them. Keane also searched social media to see if Besler had an account, but it appears he doesn't have any active accounts.

Taylor County opens their regular season at home against Dixie County on Friday.

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