Young students hold '#ClimateStrike' in Tallahassee

By: Charles Roop | WCTV Pinpoint Weather
March 15, 2019

Charles Roop / WCTV

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The latest rally at the State Capitol was a little bit different. It was made up those still not old enough to smoke or vote.

The “strike”, or #ClimateStrike as seen on social media, was one of many across the globe where students skipped class and marched or protested for what they believe is government inaction to human-induced climate change.

The strike in Tallahassee was made up of – at least in part – Magnolia School students. They cheered and chanted along Monroe Street in front of the Old State Capitol. “Climate change has got to go,” some chanted.

Thirteen-year-old Charlotte Stuart Tilley led the call to organize the strike. She was inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg to hold a strike in Tallahassee.

“I thought it was important that participated, as well because it is my future,” she said.

A few dozen – young and old – raised their signs, voices, and demands.
“We want for the USA to get back into the Paris [climate] agreement and to accept the Green New Deal,” Stuart Tilley said.
She also wants things done on the state level.

“We have several bills that are coming up to ban fracking and other solar panel bills,” Stuart Tilley said.

Some of the bills that have been filed include one that would develop a statewide plan to generate renewable energy by specified dates, as well as defining renewable energy standards.

Her peers are calling for action, too.

“Car companies should switch to electric and big factories should switch to renewable energy,” Cyrus Grenat, a student, said.

They say current government efforts are anemic.

“They are not really doing anything right now. So that's a call to anyone that can actually do something,” Kimmiy Griffith said.

The adults at the strike are proud of their advocacy. Kimmy’s mom is one of them.

“To see this generation care so much about their planet, their environment, what's going on” Kelly Griffith said. “It's inspiring that they care.”

Despite the scientific evidence and consensus, there are those that heavily dispute that the world is warming and/or that humans are responsible. Stuart Tilly has a message for them.

"If your neighbors all tell you that your house is on fire and one neighbor you don't really trust says it's not, are you going to call the fire department or are you going to say 'no' because that one neighbor doesn't believe it,” she said.