Family Of Woman Found Murdered in Madison Speaks Out

Published: Jan. 21, 2009 at 5:50 PM EST
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Stacy Harris sorts through pictures of her mother, Marilyn Harris, who was found dead last week in Madison County.

Soon, her mother will be laid to rest, but the thought of catching her killer is always on Stacy's mind.

"My momma didn't deserve to die like that and there's people out there that know information that's not giving it up. that's what really sickens me, is they're just going to keep on letting it go out like this," said Stacy Harris, Marilyn Harris's Daughter.

"There's this big hurt in me and I miss my baby and it's affected the whole family. and here I am with a broke hip, not able to do nothing. I want the one to come forward, because they need to do, what they need to do," added ruby McDaniel, Marilyn Harris's mother.

Marilyn Harris' s body was found deep in the woods off Highway 90 and Pettis Springs Road last week, January the 15th.

Deputies are not saying how or when Harris was killed and right now they have no suspects.

Harris's nearly two year old grandson is too young to understand it all and his mother regrets that he'll never have a chance to get to know his grandma.

"I don't have no momma no more. My baby ain't got no grandma," said Stacy Harris.

"Marilyn was a good hearted person, she was a good hearted person. She would do things for people, she would take people in her house," said Ruby McDaniel.

Harris's funeral is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd.