Wisconsin couple plans solar eclipse wedding ceremony

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NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY-TV) A Neenah couple will be taking in the solar eclipse during a very special time, their wedding ceremony.

Their engagement took place in December.

"Perfect surprise, Lambeau Field at Christmas Eve, made a very memorable proposal," said Kyle Levenhagen.

"Oh yeah I bawled, my dad balled, it was quite the experience," said Sarah Kuchenbecker.

Fast forward to March and Levenhagen and Kuchenbecker still hadn't picked a wedding date.

That's when next week's solar eclipse entered the discussion.

"Having been together for five years, I said it's time,” Levenhagen said. “Let’s do it. There's a beautiful thing that's going to happen. It's going to be a perfect day for it."

Levenhagen’s idea, though, got some push back.

"Not okay with it at first, just because it was only a couple months away and it was on a Monday," said Kuchenbecker.

"Wow, this is never going to fly,” Kyle’s Mom Carol Levenhagen said. “You've got to think this through. Monday? Who’s going to be able to come, Monday?"

Eventually, Mom and Finance brightened to the idea and so did people planning to come.

"What a better way to spend a Monday then in an office,” said Levenhagen. “Let’s take off, enjoy the eclipse and spend the day with you."

"It's definitely meant to be," said Kuchenbecker.

The wedding will take place in Smith Park in Menasha at noon on Monday which could be around the time the eclipse starts.

"I mean the stars are literally aligning type of event," said Levenhagen.

"Not only are we so in love and we're getting married,” Kuchenhagen said. “But, we got married during such a special event, that everybody going to remember that the solar eclipse was on our anniversary."

The sunglasses are ready and for those who can't make it Monday, the wedding reception is set for the following Saturday.