A Piece of My Heart – “Surprise Inside Cake”


• 1 Batch of Vanilla (or White) Cake Batter
• 1 8” Cake of a different color or flavor PREBAKED AND COOLED
• Loaf pan
• Heart shaped cookie cutter (2”) or size that fits perfectly in the middle of your pan.


• Step 1 – Preheat Oven to 350 degrees then grease pan
• Step 2 – Using heart shaped cutter – cut approximately 10 pieces (the amount needed will depend on the thickness of your cake)
• Step 3 – Spread a thin layer (approximately 1/4” of vanilla batter on the bottom of the pan evenly
• Step 4 – Starting at one end of the pan, place your heart cutout upside-down into the batter (bottom of the heart should be pointed upwards). Continue to place hearts in a row as tightly packed as possible until the row fills the length of the pan.
• Step 5 – Pour remaining white cake batter over the pieces being sure to cover the tip of the heart.
• Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until toothpick test shows it is done.

Allow cake to completely cool. Turn Upside down and ice with preferred icing.

When you cut the cake you will see your design inside.