Bahamian Benny Cake


This is an age-old recipe that is embedded into our Bahamian Culture. It's actually a candy and not a cake as its name suggests.

• 1 ½ Cup of Benny (Sesame Seeds)
• 2 ¼ Cup of Sugar
• Dash of Salt
• 1 cup of Water



• Step 1 – In a medium pan brown/cook seeds (this gives it its brown color and “nutty flavor”. (15 minutes) Set aside in a bowl
• Step 2 – In the same saucepan – begin to combine sugar, salt and water being sure to add water slowly while stirring constantly.
• Step 3 – Once liquid mixture begins to boil add benny seeds and stir constantly. (Approx 15 minutes). You will know the mixture is ready when the spoon is lightly coated with the seed mixture
• Step 4 – Prepare a pan with parchment paper and pour/ spoon mixture spreading evenly in pan. Let set until hardened

Cut in pieces and store in airtight container.