Chicken Piccata with Spaghetti


• 4 6oz chicken breast, butterflied
• 1 lemon, freshly squeezed juice
• 2 oz capers
• 16 fl. oz chicken stock
• 1 pound thin spaghetti
• 2 oz fresh basil, chiffonade
• Salt and pepper
• Flour


• Season chicken with salt and pepper.
• Dust chicken in flour. Sit to the side.
• In a sauté pan, on medium heat. Add oil to pan to sauté chicken.
• Once oil is heated, carefully place chicken in pan. Par cook chicken to about 75%. Remove chicken and set to the side.
• In the same pan, add half chicken stock. Allow to reduce.
• Add capers and lemon juice.
• Salt and pepper sauce to taste before adding the chicken.
• Add chicken and allow the sauce to reduce.
• Cook pasta according to the instructions on the box.
• Chiffonade basil to garnish.