Chocolate “Pret-cils”


It’s back to school time and what a cool treat to give to your child – a Pencil they can eat!

What you’ll need
• Pretzel Rods
• Candy Melts (yellow (or color of choice), pink and black)
• Soft caramel candy
• Silver sprinkles
• Wax paper
• Tall microwave safe container smaller glass container for pink chocolate


• Step 1 – In tall microwave safe container, melt your colored chocolate wafers (follow instructions on package as these typically call for you to melt the chocolate in 30 second intervals until fully melted)
• Step 2 – (If your container is not as long as the pretzel rod) Tilt container of candy melts so that the chocolate reaches the edge without spilling over - Dip pretzel by covering approximately 80% - leaving approximately 1 ½ inches to the end for the “eraser”
• Step 3 – Using the soft Caramel candy – cut the candy in 2 and mold in a triangular shape to form the tip of the pencil. This can be added to the pencil while the chocolate is still wet - - if the chocolate has hardened already you used the melted chocolate to fasten the tip to the rod.
• Step 4 - Once pretzels are dipped refrigerate for 5 – 10 minutes until hardened
• Step 5– Prepare your pink candy melt using the method in Step 1 – this time you can use a smaller bowl that will accommodate the 1 ½ tip
• Step 6 - Remove hardened pretzels from refrigerator and dip the ends into the pink melt. If you are using silver sprinkles for the pencil you will want to add these while the chocolate is still soft – otherwise you may choose to wait and reapply the chocolate only to the area you would like to add sprinkles (this method will allow you to create a neater line) _ You may also opt to use a strip of fondant or edible silver dust to create this look
• Step 7 – Complete the look by adding a small dab of black chocolate to the tip
These will hold in an airtight container, for up to 2 week if stored in a cool dry place.
Great project for teachers and parents alike!