Firehouse Friday: Loaded Taco Potatoes


1lb - Hamburger
1lb - Sausage (optional)
2 Pkgs - Taco Seasoning (prepare according to instruction)
1 cup – Seasoning Blend (find in the frozen section—blend of chopped onions, bell peppers and celery.)
1 tsp - Salt
½ tsp - Black pepper
1 Tbsp - Other seasonings (mix of garlic & onion powder)
4 Baking Potatoes
1 Pkg - Ranch seasoning
¾ cup - Milk
2 Tbsp - Sour Cream
2 Tbsp - Butter


Brown the hamburger and sausage together, drain oil.
Add the Seasoning Blend of onions, bell pepper and celery
Add the 1 ½ cups water total called for on Taco packages (3/4 cup per pkg)
Salt, black pepper and other seasoning, & simmer for 15 minutes

Bake the potatoes wrapped in foil for 1 hour at 450 degrees
Cut a slit in the top of potatoes and scoop out the filling, being careful to save the shell of the potatoes in the foil
. Put potato filling in large bowl
Add butter, sour cream, ranch seasoning, & milk, and blend together.
* Spoon finished filling back into shells and top with the meat mixture. Add toppings listed below and enjoy!

Sour Cream