Hamburger Cake


1 Vanilla Cupcake (horizontally divided in half)
1 Chocolate cupcake
Food coloring (Red, Green, Yellow)
3 icing bags
- Flower or ruffle icing tip


Step 1
Separate Icing into 3 bowls and color

Step 2
Divide Vanilla and chocolate cupcake in half horizontally

Step 3
Generously squeeze Red and yellow icing on top of bottom half of cupcake (to represent ketchup and mayo)

Layer in the following order from bottom to top

Bottom cupcake --> red/ yellow icing --. 1/2 Chocolate cupcake-->Generous amount of yellow icing for cheese (optional) Red icing (you want to pipe this in a circle pattern to represent tomatoes --> Green icing using ruffled tip --> Add top half of vanilla cupcake to complete sandwich.