Ice Cream Sandwiches – The Q-Ti Cakes Way


You Will Need
Baked Cupcakes – Cooled but Un-iced
Ice ream flavor of Choice (may also use Whipped Cream)
Sprinkles Nuts, fillings (optional)

Non Food items
Clear Cling wrap
Scissors/ kniife to cut Cling wrap
Cupcake Pan
Ice Cream scoop/ Spoon


Step 1
Cut cling wrap into piees approximately 6 x6” -- one for each cupcake cavity

Step 2
Remove Cupcakes from liners and slice the cupcakes horizontally (Separating top and bottom)

Step 3.
Place cling wrap in cupcake cavity and place bottom half of the cupcake inside
Add 1 scoop of ice cream and spread evenly – you may also add fillings and toppings such as fresh fruit, peanut butter, caramel etc.
Place Cupcake top …

Step 4
Wrap the top with the remaining plastic wrap and freeze for approximately 30 minutes or until ice cream is hardened

To garnish with sprinkles/ chocolate chips/ nuts etc
Pour Sprinkles or garnish in a bowl large enough to hold ice cream sandwich

Remove from plastic wrap and roll cupcakes on sides in sprinkle mixture

For topping you may use melted chocolate or caramel