Ornament Cupcakes


4 cups of Butter cream icing per dozen (separated into 3 colors)
2 cups Royal Icing (separated into colors)
Smooth paper towel (imprinted ones will leave an imprint on your icing and can add to your design)
Icing bags/ Plastic bags for icing - one for each color of buttercream icing and royal icing


Use a icing bag or plastic bag – cut tip so that opening is approximately the size of your pinky tip
- -Outline the cupcake with the icing and continue to move inward and upward to create a honeycomb look - let dry for approximately 2 minutes
- Using a damp paper towel (I love using Viva brand since they are typically durable and have cloth-like surfaces) spread over cupcakes and lightly “mold” the icing into a round shape
- Use your Royal icing to decorate
- ***Tips – For sprinkles to adhere to cupcakes the cupcake must be wet. You may apply a second coat of icing to places you want the sprinkle to adhere to

- Use a small piece of fondant and using your hands, roll the fondant out and cut into ¼ inch pieces – these will serve as your ornament topper.

For fondant covered cupcakes roll out fondant and use a 3” circle cutter to cut circles to cover the surface of the cupcake. Once the fondant is applied using your hands to gently mold into a rounded shape. – For this method the icing should be moist.