Seared Swordfish with Tropical Salsa


• 2 6oz Swordfish steaks
• 1/4 Pineapple, small dice
• 1/2 Red Bell Pepper, small dice
• 1/4 Sweet Onion, small dice
• 1/4 bunch of Cilantro, minced, divided
• 1 medium Tomato, small dice
• 1 Garlic Clove, minced
• 1 bunch Asparagus, cut roots
• 1 cup dry Jasmine rice
• 1 Parisian Lime
• Salt
• Pepper


• In a bowl, add Pineapples, Bell Peppers, 1/2 minced Cilantro, Tomato, Sweet Onion and fresh squeezed 1/2 Lime Juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.
• Add 1 cup of Jasmine rice and 1 and 1/2 cups of water. Cook on medium/high heat for 3-5 minuets. Lower the to low and allow to cook for 10-12 minutes. Add rest of the Lime juice and Cilantro to the rice.
• In a medium sauce pot, add water and salt to poach Asparagus. Cut off roots of Asparagus. Poach for 3 minuets. Serve immediately.
• In a large sauté pan, on medium heat, add season Swordfish presentation side down. Cook for 4 minuets on each side or until internal temperature of 155 degrees.