Super Bowl Cupcakes


• 1 Batch of Vanilla (or White) Cake Batter separated into 3 bowls
• Food coloring – Blue, Red, green
• 4 cups of butter cream icing
• Small Colored Sprinkles (or you may choose sprinkles to match teams color)
• Mini Chocolate Chips for melting, yellow candy melts, white chocolate melt
• Wax Paper
• Graphics of football and goal post


* Preheat oven to 350 degrees
* Separate white cake into 3 bowls and portioned as such
* ½ batter mix to be colored red
* ¼ batter colored blue
* ¼ Batter left white
* Pour batter in liners based on team colors. Use a spoon or skewer to stir
* Bake on 350 for approximately 17 minutes or until done – Let cool
* While cake is baking – color 2/3 of icing green (when using gel coloring be sure to use a toothpick and color a little at a time since it is concentrated)

• Tape your wax paper on top of your graphics and lay on a clean flat surface
• Use a piping bag and half fill with yellow candy melt - microwave based on instructions – 30 second intervals being sure to squeeze bag after each 30 seconds to help the melting process
• Cut a small hole in the bag and begin to trace over the goal posts
• Repeat this process for the football using the Chocolate
• Place in freezer to harden

To decorate cupcakes
• For Goal Posts design - decorate cupcakes with green icing to resemble grass
• For Stadium design - use green icing going down the center of the cupcake to resemble field – Use white icing to create lines – Refrigerate for a few minutes to allow the green icing to dry to the touch. Once dry add white icing to each side and immediately cover with sprinkles to resemble stand)
• Once these are completed place your chocolate designs on your cupcake