Tailgating Strawberries


Box of large Strawberries
Skewer sticks (optional)
Milk or dark Chocolate (or candy melts) 2 cups
White Chocolate buttons or melts (1/2 cup)
Glass Bowl
Icing bag


Step 1
Wash berries with water, pat dry with paper towel and allow them to air dry a few minutes

Step 2.
Place a sheet of wax/ parchment paper on a plate. For individual berries use cupcake liners

Step 3
While berries are drying, in a glass bowl heat your chocolate and 1 tablespoon of all vegetable shortening in the microwave for 30 seconds . Remove and stir vigorously. If all the chocolate has not melted microwave in 15 second intervals, being sure to stir after each heating. * Note chocolate will melt further while stirring so no need to overheat as this will ruin your chocolate.

Melted chocolate should flow off your spoon. If chocolate seems to be a bit thick you may add a little vegetable shortening or oil (one teaspoon and reheat)


Once fully melted (flowing without lumps) your chocolate is now ready for dipping

Step 4 - Dipping berries
There are multiple ways you may choose to dip berries

Hand held - Use the leaves of the strawberries as a grip and dip berries .
Skewer - Using a skewer stick fully submerge the berry into the chocolate.

Set Strawberries aside to set (you may also refrigerate while you prepare the white chocolate.

White Chocolate
To prepare the white chocolate, repeat steps 2 and 3

Place white chocolate in an icing bag and clip the very end of the bag.

Use the white chocolate to make one horizontal line on top and bottom of berry ...in the very center of the berry draw 1 vertical line with short white lines to represent football laces

"Team Cream" Stuffed Berries

Use buttercream or Cream Cheese icing - divide icing into separate bowls and color team colors

Core out middle of strawberry using a paring knife or apple corer

Place colored icing into 1 or 2 piping bags using a "star (jagged) icing tip at the end of the bag.
Squeeze icing into strawberry

Note you may choose to place leaves back on top of berry and dip for an even bigger surprise.