FAMU Rattlers Boosters Club restructured

By: Lanetra Bennett | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 21, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The FAMU Boosters Club is being rebooted.

The executive director of the newly reorganized FAMU Rattlers Boosters Club says, before, the club focused primarily on parking and some fundraising activities.

But, he says since the "Investing in Champions" campaign was so successful in being responsible for parking, the boosters had to come up with another way to raise money.

"We're doing everything that we can to make sure that we're increasing funding directly to the athletic department," said Tommy Mitchell, the executive director of the new Rattlers Boosters Club.

The reorganized club is now structured for $100 for annual membership, and $750 for life membership.

Mitchell says it's designed to fully support all sports programs.

"We've depended on season tickets to carry the athletic program. That's inadequate now because we have so many sports. Our travel budget alone is tremendous. Because we're in the MEAC, we're playing in Delaware, we're playing in D.C., we're playing in Virginia, we're playing in North Carolina. The baseball team, the basketball team, they travel all over the country. So, that's a tremendous burden," he said.

Mitchell says not only will the new structure lighten that burden through membership giving, it'll also solicit giving from others.

He says as of May, they're $200,000 over last year in terms of giving.

Shawnte Friday-Stroud, Interim VP for University Advancement and Executive Director of FAMU Foundation, said, "We need to make sure that our students are successful on the field, but more importantly inside the classroom. So, we need additional resources to help provide them with a lot of state-of-the-art activities and programming that can help our students be successful."

That's good news to parents of FAMU students, like Anastacio Gonzalez.

"It's always a good thing. That will encourage more students to get their education. It's always a good thing to get support from the community," said Gonzalez.

Mitchell says the goal is to get at least 10,000 FAMU graduates to give at least $100.

He says all money from the Boosters goes directly to the athletics department.

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