FSU students react to Francois' dismissal from team

By: Lanetra Bennett | WCTV Eyewitness News
February 4, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Many students at Florida State University say they hate that something negative surrounding Deondre Francois and the football team has happened.

Some say they were shocked when Francois was released from the program on Sunday by head coach Willie Taggart.

FSU student Brandon McCoy says it's disappointing if any parts of the recording that suggests a domestic violence situation between Francois and a woman is true.

"I think that nobody should be getting away with doing stuff like that. I think it's bad when people get away with things just because they're in a place of power or something," McCoy said.

"I was just worried that he actually was going to do something. I was like, why would you be saying this to your girl, especially when she was saying, why are you hitting my face and all that stuff. So, I was really worried that he was really going to do something physical," said Aaliyah Adderley, an FSU senior.

FSU student Zach Soldo says he couldn't believe it when he first heard about it.

"I wouldn't assume that anybody on the football team or anybody on campus would make that. When it comes to that moment when they do that, I feel like that's all on them and I feel like that can't be reflected upon this institution or the team or anything like that," he said.

Many commend Taggart for releasing Francois from the team.

"I was applauding Willie Taggart. I thought that was really awesome, honestly, because I think there's been instances in the past where people have come forward and just because whoever that person was in a position of power, it was just covered up and brushed away," said Grant Gibbs, an FSU student.

As far as missing Francois on the field:

"No, no. Bye," Gibbs added.

Student Justin Degen said, "I think it will help our team so much. So so much it will help our team, and I cannot wait for this next year. I have never been more excited for our football team in my entire life."

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