FINAL: Boise State 36 - Florida State 31

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
August 31, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The season is finally here for Florida State but the fanfare that was slated to open 2019 has died down a bit, as the Seminoles have had to move their game against Boise State from Jacksonville to Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee.

But, the good news, is that football will still be played and this could be a very interesting environment: FSU says over 30,000 tickets have been sold in just over 48 hours but it'll be far from what was expected in Jacksonville.

Anyway, we've got a noon kickoff and we'll have all the action for you: Below, you'll find a running live blog with play-by-play, analysis and reaction to accompany our live tweeting over on my account and our WCTV Sports account.

It's good to be back in the saddle, even if we are getting started a little earlier than we originally thought.

With that said, sit back, relax and enjoy the football.

FINAL: Boise State 36 - FSU 31

Well, that's certainly one way for the season to start; an absolute heartbreaker of a loss for the Noles, who started out as hot as you could have wanted but who got as cold as could be in the second half. It feels as if FSU didn't pace the game plan well and used every tool in the bag in the opening 20ish minutes, leaving nothing for the rest of the day.

Anyway, for our game recap, click here.

Thanks for joining me today. It was fun to be back in the saddle, despite the wild turn of events.

4th Quarter, 6:12: Boise State 36 - FSU 31

Another three and out for FSU, who have now failed to score on eight consecutive possessions.

4th Quarter, 7:27: Boise State 36 - FSU 31

The good news, Seminole fans, is that it should be worse; Boise appeared to have a touchdown on the board but the officials called a (rather late) illegal screen penalty to back them up, making them settle for a 30-yard field goal.

However, the bad new for FSU fans is they haven't scored in seven drives, all but one of which have ended in a punt. The other was a fumble.

4th Quarter, 12:44: Boise State 33 - FSU 31

Boise State puts together a rather methodical 11 play, 60-yard drive to take their first lead of the game, capped by a one-yard touchdown rush for Robert Mahone, who has 142 yards on 24 carries and two scores.

For the first time this year, FSU trails and their offense hasn't looked good in the second half. They've had six second half possessions, all but one have ended with a punt.

The other ended with a fumble.


Boise ends the third quarter on a bit of a roll, and are 37 yards out from paydirt to take their first lead of the game.

The Broncos have a 3rd and 7 coming as the fourth quarter begins.

3rd Quarter, 2:50: Boise State 26 - FSU 31

You didn't think Boise was dead in the water, did you?

The Broncos have the first points of the second half, for either side, after a seven-play, 69-yard drive ends in an 11-yard touchdown pass from Bachmeier to Shakir Khalil to bring the Broncos within 31-26.

Buckle up.

3rd Quarter, 4:42: Boise State 19 - FSU 31

FSU and BSU switch forced fumbles here in the waning stages of the third quarter.

Not going to lie to you fine folks, this game has gotten boring.

3rd Quarter, 5:50: Boise State 19 - FSU 31

Just checking in to say not a ton has happened in the third quarter: We've had five combined completed possessions, all of which have ended in punts.

50,917 is the announced attendance.

HALFTIME: Boise State 19 - FSU 31

A near perfect start for the Seminoles turned into a dud finish over their final handful of drives, but there's a lot to like from the opening 30 minutes, especially if things keep up in the second half.

Some stats for you:


  • Blackman (FSU): 14-for-17, 278 yards, 3 TD's
  • Bachmeier (BSU): 13-for-28, 192 yards, 0 TD's, INT

    Running backs

  • Akers (FSU): 7 rushes, 91 yards, TD
  • Mahone (BSU): 16 rushes, 95 yards, TD


  • Terry (FSU): 2 receptions, 92 yards, TD
  • Wilson (FSU): 3 receptions, 26 yards
  • Thomas (BSU): 4 receptions, 89 yards

    Nine different Seminoles have caught at least one pass.

    Team Stats
    Total yards
    FSU: 358
    BSU: 333

    Total plays
    FSU: 33
    BSU: 60

    Time of Possession
    FSU: 9:40
    BSU: 20:20

    2nd Quarter, 2:51: Boise State 16 - FSU 31

    FSU thought they had a defensive touchdown again, as a pass was ruled backwards on the field and was taken to the house by Lars-Woodbey, but it was overturned and Boise instead settles for another field goa.

    2nd Quarter, 4:07: Boise State 13 - FSU 31

    Oh look, FSU scored again, and did so just two plays after the Boise touchdown.

    This time, it was a beautiful 58-yard pass from Blackman to Keyshawn Helton, who caught the ball in stride and high-stepped the last defender, to reach the endzone.

    FSU has scored in five of their six drives today, with four of those drives going for less than 1:30 in game time.

    2nd Quarter, 4:34: Boise State 13 - FSU 24

    Boise turns their first forced turnover into points, driving 40 yards in seven plays and capping it off by Robert Mahone.

    2nd Quarter, 7:42: Boise State 6 - FSU 24

    Boise State has now forced their first turnover of the game, after logging their first sack on Blackman (and the first sack for either team).

    They start at the FSU 40.

    First time today the Noles have come away empty from a drive.

    2nd Quarter, 9:04: Boise State 6 - FSU 24

    FSU forces their second turnover of the game, this time an Isiah Bolden interception, to set the Seminoles up at their own 32.

    2nd Quarter, 10:53: Boise State 6 - FSU 24

    FSU was set up beautifully for their fourth touchdown of the game after James Blackman found Warren Thompson on a 51-yard pass to set the Noles up at the two yardline of Boise State, but bad snaps on second and third down forced FSU to settle for a field goal.

    Aguayo nailed the 46-yarder to cap a nine play, 61-yard drive and give the Noles a 24-6 lead.

    END OF THE FIRST QUARTER: Boise State 6 - FSU 21

    FSU finishes the first quarter of the season with 203 yards of total offense and just 3:32 time of possession.

    Nine different players have touched the ball: Three different rushers and six different receivers. The Noles are spreading the love and doing it well.

    Blackman has just one incompletion (7-of-8) and 127 yards to go with his two touchdowns.

    1st Quarter, 1:05: Boise State 6 - FSU 21

    The longest drive of the day for the Noles results in yet another touchdown, this one capped off by a five-yard TD pass from Blackman to Gabe Nabers.

    FSU marched 76 yards in 10 plays but in less than three minutes (2:35), including a fair amount of trickeration. This offense is fun to watch.

    1st Quarter, 3:47: Boise State 6 - FSU 14

    After the touchdown was overturned, Boise launches into a 36-yard play to get into FSU territory and worked their way into the redzone before stalling, again, and having to settle for another 36-yard field goal.

    FSU will gladly trade 7's for 3's, all day long.

    1st Quarter, 7:00: Boise State 3 - FSU 14

    Florida State thought they had themselves a defensive touchdown, after
    Janarius Robinson hit forced the ball out of Bachmeier's hand and Jaiden Lars-Woodbey scooped and scored. But, after a review, it was determined to be an incompletion.

    1st Quarter, 7:42: Boise State 3 - FSU 14

    I guess it took just one series for the Noles to get comfortable with the offense, because the playbook just opened up.

    Everything in the first drive was fairly straight forward. This time, however, the Noles run an RPO and it ends in a 75-yard touchdown pass from Blackman to Terry.

    #15 must be feeling just fine.

    1st Quarter, 7:49: Boise State 3 - FSU 7

    Two drives today for the Broncos, two times they've had no issues working their way down the field, marching 56 yards in a methodical 14 plays. However, BSU stalled inside of the redzone, and instead settled for a 36-yard field goal to get on the board.

    It was a big defensive series, especially the last couple of plays, for Amari Gainer, who forced an incompletion in the endzone and then laid a huge hit on Boise's true freshman quaterback Hank Bachmeier, which nearly forced him to throw an interception to Levonta Taylor.

    However, Bachmeier has looked strong so far: He's had time to make some throws and is delivering them to is receivers with relative ease. Through two drives, he's 4-for-8 for 30 yards.

    Boise is having a lot of success on the ground in the early going, rushing for 68 yards on 11 touches.

    1st Quarter, 12:28: Boise State 0 - FSU 7

    Well, that didn't take long.

    On a drive in which Akers touched the ball or was targeted on three of four plays, he slips a tackle in the second level and takes it 38-yards to the house. A great sign for him to bust a big run early in this one.

    Four plays, 47 yards and 43 seconds later, it's 7-0, FSU.

    Lets see how the FSU defense comes out: Boise had no issues moving the ball prior to the fumble.

    1st Quarter, 13:11: Boise State 0 - FSU 0

    Boise State was moving with ease and were on the doorstep of the redzone, but Hamsah Nasirildeen forced a fumble and Janarius Robinson recovered it, taking the ball to the BSU 45.

    FSU ball for the first time this year.


    Boise State has won the coin toss and elected to receive.

    Let's go, gang.


    No real surprises as the starting lineups were announced on the video board, but we do have confirmation that true freshman Dontae Lucas will be part of the Noles' starting offensive line.

    The crowd was very warm to him, James Blackman, Cam Akers and Janarius Robinson. Willie Taggart also got a bit of a nice ovation.


    Welcome to year two of the Willie Taggart Era, everyone. Also, year two of James Blackman under center, although for some reason I think we may see something resembling a two-quarterback system for the Noles today.

    I'm also interested in what the FSU backfield looks like. If you're a regular listener of the WCTV Sports Opening Drive, you know I think competent RB play is of the utmost important for FSU.

    Overall, I'm just excited to see this team play, as I know you are. A lot of questions will be answered after today so lets get to it.

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