Sun Bowl Final: ASU 20, FSU 14

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By: WCTV Eyewitness Sports
December 31, 2019

Tamorrion Terry scored a 91-yard receiving touchdown in the 2019 Sun Bowl, the longest in the bowl's history. (Photo: Ryan Kelly - WCTV)

EL PASO, Texas (WCTV) -- Florida State took the field for the final time in the 2019 season as they battled Arizona State in the 2019 Sun Bowl from El Paso.

The game aired on WCTV with a 2 p.m. ET start time.

The Noles failed to secure their seventh win of the season before they officially open the Mike Norvell era. Odell Haggins was the head coach for this game.

Arizona State entered the game with a 7-5 overall record, but a sub .500 mark in PAC 12 play, logging a 4-5 conference mark.

FSU was without leading rusher and arguably their best playmaker, Cam Akers, who announced earlier this month that he was foregoing the bowl game and his senior season to enter the NFL Draft.

Below is the live blog that was active during the game. We also hadlive tweets on our Twitter account.

Post Game Analysis

It's common knowledge among football fans that ball security is one of the keys to success on the gridiron.

Florida State failed miserably in that department, turning the ball over six times in the Sun Bowl.

The Seminoles' defense deserves huge credit for keeping the game as competitive as it was. They made multiple goal line stands, and forced Arizona State to kick four field goals while they were within striking distance of the endzone.

Arizona State's only touchdown of the day came off of a James Blackman interception in the fourth quarter.

An ugly season for FSU ended with an ugly game.

On the bright side, the Seminoles are returning a lot of talented players.

Let the Mike Norvell era begin.

Fourth Quarter Recap: ASU 20, FSU 14

On the first play of the final frame, the Sun Devils failed to connect on a screen pass. On second down, ASU was caught moving before the snap.

After converting a long first down, the Sun Devils misfired on back-to-back passes. Daniels scrambled for a 27 yard rush on third and long.

Following the long run, FSU DB Carlos Becker was called for pass interference, allowing ASU to enter the red zone.

Once again, when it seemed ASU was going to waltz into the end zone, Florida State's defense held on to force the Sun Devils to kick another field goal. Zendejas stayed perfect on the day for ASU.

SCORE: FSU 14, ASU 12, 12:02 left in the game

After some confusion over the fair catch, FSU started their drive from their own three yard line. A player called for the fair catch, but he wasn't the one who caught the ball.

The Seminoles managed to move the chains on an 11-yard rush.

After a clear miscommunication between QB and WR, a James Blackman pass was taken to the house by ASU's Willie Harts.

ASU went for two, and failed to convert, but got another chance because of a holding penalty on FSU. On the second attempt, ASU's Daniels rushed the ball in.

SCORE: ASU 20, FSU 14, 10:06 left in the game

Travis entered the game for FSU on the next drive, and he converted a huge fourth down as the Seminoles went for it within their own territory.

Following the conversion, Ward ran the ball several times for FSU, ultimately entering ASU territory. On a third and seven from the ASU 39, Travis was just shy of getting the first down.

On the ensuing fourth and two, ASU's Darien Butler slashed through the FSU offensive line and made a huge tackle in the backfield to give the Sun Devils the ball back.

ASU has the ball and the lead with 6:39 left in the game.

After a short-lived drive, FSU handed the ball back to the Sun Devils as James Blackman threw his fourth interception of the day.

That's a career high for the FSU signal-caller.

ASU regained possession with 3:51 left in the game. Their next series was short-lived though, and FSU regained possession.

After losing 11 yards on a sack, Blackman stood tall and threw a deep pass to Gavin to convert an impossible third and 23, keeping FSU's chances alive.

With 1:31 remaining, FSU used its second timeout.

On the next play, Terry fumbled the ball, and ASU recovered.

That was FSU's sixth turnover of the day. ASU got into the victory formation and ran out the clock.


Third Quarter Recap: FSU 14, ASU 9

FSU deferred on the coin toss, so they got the first possession of the second half. Tamorrion Terry hauled in his fourth catch of the day, but fumbled it on the end of the 15-yard run. FSU managed to recover the ball, but the drive stalled.

The Seminoles punted after having the ball for just two minutes and six seconds.

FSU got flagged for a facemask and an offside on the first two plays of ASU's drive, advancing the Sun Devils to their own 44 yard line.

The defense returned to from, halting ASU from passing the 50. FSU DB Asante Samuel Jr. swatted a slant route intended for ASU receiver Frank Darby.

At around the 11 minute mark, FSU started its second drive of the half from their own five. Jordan Travis managed to move the chains for the Seminoles on a seven-yard rush.

On the next set of downs, ASU's defensive line consistently got penetration, ultimately forcing FSU to punt.

ASU got the ball back with about 8 minutes left in the third. The Sun Devils advanced beyond midfield after back-to-back rushes.

On third and two, Daniels failed to connect with Porter. Following the three and out, ASU's punt reached the FSU nine yard line.

Around 7 minutes left in the quarter, FSU's offense find a little groove. The Seminoles gained 16 yards on back-to-back plays, first a rush by Sheffield, the second a completion to Terry.

FSU moved the chains again on another completion to Terry, bringing his totals to seven catches and 61 yards.

Travis rushed for 16-yards on a fourth and three to keep the drive alive.

Shortly after, Ontaria Wilson punched it in from three yards out, scoring the first touchdown of the game with 3:17 left in the third quarter. The best drive of the day for FSU was 11 plays long as they traveled 91 yards in 3 minutes and 46 seconds.


FSU's defense shut down ASU's offense after giving up a 19 yard pass play at the start of the drive. ASU punted the ball back to FSU at around the 1:30 mark in the quarter.

In the blink of an eye, Tomorrion Terry torched his defender for a 91-yard score on the first play of FSU's drive. That reception was the longest play in Sun Bowl history.

At this point, Terry now has eight catches for 152 yards and a touchdown on the day.

Just like that, FSU snatched the lead.


ASU advanced for a first down after a short run play. The spot of the ball was reviewed, but there was not enough evidence to overturn it.

The Sun Devils have the ball as the final quarter begins.

Halftime Analysis

Missed opportunities for both sides have been the story of the game so far. FSU turned the ball over three times, yet ASU only managed to muster nine points, despite having great field position on several drives.

Now, let's not discredit the Seminole defense. They have seized the moment in this game so far, making key plays all half long to prevent the Sun Devils from totally burning the barn doors down.

Multiple goal line stands by the FSU front seven are the sole reason this game is still competitive.

The Sun Devils blocked an FSU field goal attempt early on in the first quarter. Conversely, ASU kicker Cristian Zendejas has connected on field goals of 40, 26 and 24 yards.

Second Quarter Recap: ASU 9, FSU 0

As the second quarter started, ASU drove the ball beyond the 50 yard line. After a third down conversion, FSU DB Raymond Woodie III forced a fumble. The play was upheld after further review.

On the ensuing FSU drive, the Seminoles failed to convert a third and eight near the 50 yard line. During FSU's punt, a Sun Devil collided into his teammate trying to return the ball; however, FSU was penalized for illegal touching, so the punt was not muffed.

ASU has the ball at their own nine yard line. The biggest play of the game happened when it appeared FSU could force a three and out.

After failing to hit QB Jayden Daniels, Kyle Williams caught a screen pass and scurried 77 yards to FSU's 13 yard line.

FSU was called for roughing the passer two plays later, handing the Sun Devils a first and goal inside FSU's five yard line. On second and goal, FSU's Jaleel McRae played a jet sweep perfectly, forcing a tackle for a loss.

ASU failed to connect on a fade pass on third and goal. Talk about bend, but don't break! FSU's defense is keeping them in this game.

ASU successfully made the kick.


Jordan Travis checked in for a quick play on this drive. Blackman came back in on third and eight. He threw an interception after he was hit from behind by an ASU defender.

ASU started a new drive around the 6:30 mark in the second quarter from the 50 yard line. On the first play of the drive, Daniels connected with Tommy Hudson for a 31-yard gain. The Sun Devils made it first and goal on the following play.

On third and goal, Daniels found a wide open receiver in the corner of the endzone. The play was reviewed, and overturned, since the receiver didn't secure the ball all the way through the process of the catch.

Again, ASU had to settle for a field goal.

SCORE: ASU 9, FSU 0, 4:33 left in Second Quarter

Following ASU's third made field goal, FSU had a nine-yard gain on first down from their own 25-yard line.

After moving the ball beyond the 50 yard line, FSU went backwards after getting caught chop blocking in the back field. With about two minutes left in the half, FSU failed to convert a third down.

They allowed the clock to wind down to 1:12 before punting it to ASU's six yard line.

ASU had all three timeouts, so they had a great opportunity to score here.

After a two-yard rush on the first play of the drive, FSU burned its first timeout. FSU stifled another ASU rush, and again called timeout. With 56 seconds left in the half on third and six, ASU tried to air it out, but the pass sailed out of bounds.

FSU had 38 seconds left in the half to make something happen. After losing yards on first down, the Seminoles used their final timeout before halftime. Blackman threw a pass to Dent, but it went incomplete. A 12-yard draw play on third and 14 wasn't enough for FSU, and ASU called a timeout with 15 seconds left in the half.

After FSU's punt, ASU ran a quick play and let the game go to halftime.

First Quarter Recap: 3-0, ASU

Florida State won the toss and has deferred, so Arizona State will start with the ball.

ASU fumbled on its first snap of the day, and FSU promptly recovered. The Seminoles have a golden opportunity from the 13-yard line. After a quick connection from Blackman to Terry, the Seminoles made it inside the five.

Blackman then threw a pick to ASU safety Aashari Crosswell, who returned it to ASU's 29 yard line.

A mere minute and 17 seconds ticked off the clock, yet there have already been two turnovers in this game.

On the first play following FSU's interception, ASU rushed for a two-yard gain. The next two plays were less than stellar, leading to an ASU punt.

FSU had no yardage on the return. They'll start their next drive on their own 23 yard line.

On second down, Blackman was sacked for a 13-yard loss. On the ensuing third down, Blackman took a lick as he tried to scramble for the long first down.

Multiple flags were thrown on the play, and the officials began a review for targeting on ASU's Khaylan Kearse-Thomas. He was flagged after taunting Blackman while he was down.

Officials determined there was no targeting on the play, so Kearse-Thomas will stay in the game. FSU advanced on the 15-yard taunting penalty.

FSU responded well after the big hit on Blackman. After a 15-yard rush, Jordan Travis ran for 29 yards to get the Seminoles inside the red zone. Blackman returned to the game around the nine minute mark.

Kicker Ricky Aguayo's attempt was blocked by ASU's Chase Lucas. The Sun Devils returned the kick to the ASU 22 yard line.

FSU freshman offensive lineman Dontae Lucas was down on the field after the play. Lucas went to the locker room with an injured left leg.

A lot of action so far this game, yet no points on the board for either team.

At the 8:26 mark of the first quarter, Arizona State threw its first pass for a dinky, four-yard gain.

An FSU sack on third down forced an ASU punt. FSU defenders Cory Durden and Amari Gainer made the play.

Blackman winded up for a big pass on second down, and it was nearly intercepted. On the ensuing third down, he was strip sacked, and ASU came up with the ball with phenomenal field position.

On the first play after the FSU fumble, ASU was penalized for holding. An ASU touchdown was reserved because there was an ineligible receiver downfield. Great field position for the Sun Devils quickly turned into first and 25 from the FSU 28 yard line.

On third and 19 for ASU, the Sun Devils lost yards after a quick pass to the wideout.

ASU's kick from 40 yards was successful. We finally have points y'all!


On the ensuing kickoff, ASU sent it to the endzone. FSU starting on the 25 yard line with 3:57 left in the first.

On the first play of the drive, FSU's Ontaria Wilson rushed for a 12-yard gain. After what appeared to be one of FSU's best plays of the day, a 27-yard rush by Travis was called back because of a hold.

On third and nine, Blackman aired it out deep towards the endzone, but the ball hung in the air too long, allowing the ASU defender to make a play on the ball.

FSU's punt pinned ASU inside their own five yard line.

Overall, FSU had two turnovers and a field goal blocked in that first quarter. Luckily, the Sun Devils didn't capitalize fully on FSU's missed opportunities. However, the Seminoles could easily have 10 points on the board right now.


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