FINAL: ULM 44 - Florida State 45

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
September 6, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Florida State is still in search of their first win of the season and they're hoping they will see 60 full minutes of football on Saturday as they host Louisiana-Monroe.

Last week, of course, the Noles appeared to have it in the bag against Boise State, only to be shutout in the second half and fall to the Broncos, 36-31.

As the Seminoles search for win #1 on the campaign, we'll have all the action for you. Below, you'll find a running live blog with play-by-play, analysis and reaction to accompany our live tweeting over on my account and our WCTV Sports account.

FINAL: ULM 44 - FSU 45

Wow. I'm...not sure I've ever seen that before.

ULM took just three plays to score on their first possession in overtime, a five-yard touchdown run by Caleb Evans, but instead of going for two for the win, the Warhawks play it safe and the field goal is missed.

One point win for FSU.


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Thanks for joining me tonight. I'm going to have to find an establishment with ACCN for next week's clash with Virginia, but I'll definitely see you then.


Cam Akers, who has set a program record for carries in a single game (currently with 36) has his second rushing touchdown and it's the first score of overtime.

ULM possession coming up.


ULM wins the coin toss and, as you'd expect, is going to be on defense first.


It's time for overtime.

It's just FSU's sixth overtime game in school history.

4th Quarter, 1:30: ULM 38 - FSU 38

Gang, we are tied.

4th Quarter, 6:09: ULM 35 - FSU 38

We've been waiting almost two years for a breakout Cam Akers play, and we may have just saw one, as Blackman found him in the flat as pressure was getting to him and Akers did the rest, going 44 yards and darn near going full coast-to-coast to find the endzone.

Noles regain their lead, for now, by three.

4th Quarter, 7:44: ULM 35 - FSU 31

ULM has done it; they've erased a 21-0 deficit and now lead FSU by four.

It took just four plays for the Warhawks to turn the Blackman interception into points, with a one-yard touchdown rush by Josh Johnson, who now has 119 yards on 21 carries.

It looked as if the Warhawks had taken the lead one play earlier, on a 17-yard touchdown pass from Evans to Jonathan Hodoh giving the Warhawks a lead, but Hodoh's foot was ruled out of bounds at the half yard line.

The difference was three seconds coming off the clock.

Caleb has shined in this second half; he's now 19-for-30 for 184 yards and three touchdowns.

4th Quarter, 8:57: ULM 28 - FSU 31

James Blackman throws his second interception of the game, right into the hands of Chase Day, and the Warhawks are set up at the FSU 33.

That's three second-half turnovers for FSU. ULM has turned the previous two into points.

4th Quarter, 9:47: ULM 28 - FSU 31

ULM strikes right back, and does so in a very FSU-like way, going 60 yards on nine plays, the Evan Caleb and Markis McCray connecting on three occasions, twice for a first down, and the drive being capped off by a two-yard touchdown pass to Xavier Brown, who made a spectacular catch at the two-yard line to set it up.

Back to a three-point game.

4th Quarter, 13:22: ULM 21 - FSU 31

The Seminoles again lead by 10, thanks to a 12 play, 78-yard drive to close the third and open the fourth quarters.

Cam Akers was the work horse on the drive, logging eight carries for 56 yards to set up the seven-yard touchdown pass from Blackman to DJ Matthews to make it 31-21.


FSU is held scoreless for the second third quarter this year, but are threatening, with a second and three from the ULM 16 as the quarter started.

That's the best news I have from that quarter, which was dominated by ULM, who turned a pair of turnovers into points to pull within a field goal.

3rd Quarter, 2:59: ULM 21 - FSU 24

Make that 14 points off back-to-back turnovers from Florida State for ULM and it's now a three-point game.

The Warhawks go 46 yards in seven plays, capped by a 10-yard touchdown rush from Caleb Evans, who is turning in quite a game after starting 0-for-8 passing.

These quick turnovers and lack of sustained drives are killing the Noles. Where have I heard that before?

3rd Quarter, 6:38: ULM 14 - FSU 24

Second straight that ends in a turnover forced and recovered by ULM, this time a fumble recovery on a play that was, for all intents and purposes, a dead play due to an illegal shift, but the Warhawks played to the whistle and forced the ball loose out of Keith Gavin.

Warhawks in business with a chance to make this a one-possession ballgame.

3rd Quarter, 8:55: ULM 14 - FSU 24

"Game on," - ULM, probably.

After recovering the fumble, the Noles give the ball right back as James Blackman throws a pick six into the hands of Corey Straughter and the Warhawks are back in this puppy.

The stat has now gotten worse; five of the last six Noles drives have ended in 0 points for FSU.

3rd Quarter, 9:30: ULM 7 - FSU 24

We have our first fumble of the game and it goes the way of the Seminoles: ULM was threatening to go deep in FSU territory and after a catch and run, by Markis McCray, Nasirildeen forced the ball out and Jaiden Lars-Woodbey recovered it.

The Noles are starting to enter territory we saw last week: After scoring on their first three drives, they have now punted in four of their last five possessions. The lone exception: The field goal that ended the half.


2nd Quarter, 3:43: ULM 7 - FSU 21

Things are starting to trend in the opposite direction: FSU has punted on consecutive drives while the Warhawks have put their first two drives together of the game, and have their first points after a 33-yard touchdown pass from Evans to tight end Josh Pederson (Pederson's second catch of the day).

The drive was nearly ended at the FSU 36, but ULM went for it on 4th and 2 and converted, leading to the touchdown.

2nd Quarter, 6:36: ULM 0 - FSU 21

ULM thought they had themselves a touchdown after QB Caleb Evans ran the ball to the one-yard line, fumbled and it was recovered in the endzone by the Warhawks.

However, after review it was determined Evans was down and the Noles stuffed the Warhawks on third down before an incompletion on fourth down.

FSU will take over with 6:36 left before halftime at their own two.

2nd Quarter, 9:36: ULM 0 - FSU 21

For the first time today, the Seminoles have punted and it came off the boot of Tommy Martin, after it was announced immediately following the opening kickoff that Logan Tyler had been suspended.

Anyway, this game has kind of crawled to a hault (which is to say, has gotten super boring) which is honestly the best thing an FSU fan could hear.

2nd Quarter, 14:26: ULM 0 - FSU 21

A much faster drive for the Noles - 40 yards in seven plays and 2:41 off the clock - which ends in a James Blackman six-yard rushing touchdown, his first of the year, on a beautiful RPO fake to Khalan Laborn (at least, it got me).


A good first quarter all around for the Seminoles, who have 161 yards of total offense to ULM's 41.

James Blackman is 10-11 for 100 yards and a touchdown.

Caleb Evans has yet to complete a pass, thanks in large part to his receivers having cinderblocks for hands.

1st Quarter, 4:06: ULM 0 - FSU 14

It seems the Noles did learn from their mistakes from last week, at least early on, as they're taking their time on offense will still able to churn out big chunks.

This time, it was an 80-yard drive that spanned 13 plays and ended with the first touchdown pass of the day for James Blackman, who found Tre'Shaun Harrison from 19-yards out and Harrison waltzed into the endzone with no one within 10 yards of him.

Things are going well, as of now, for FSU.

1st Quarter, 11:51: ULM 0 - FSU 7

The Seminoles strike first again and do it quickly, again, but not as quick as we saw last week.

This opening drive sees FSU go 70 yards in nine plays and in 2:21 of game time, thanks in part to a stretch where the Noles ran four straight plays in which they picked up a first down and Cam Akers did the rest from nine yards out.

Defense is back to work after forcing ULM three-and-out to open the game.


ULM wins the coin toss and has elected to receive.

Let's football.


I must admit, this has been the most interesting week of between-game coverage I've been apart of since I began covering collegiate sports. Of all of the controversy's or...whatever else you wanna call them, putting a team's fitness, specifically hydration, under scrutiny is something I've never been apart of.

But alas, that was this week and I'm more thankful than ever we have actual football to watch.

What I'll be looking for tonight:

  • Can the offense sustain? What will plays in the first quarter look like compared to the third quarter. Or heck, even late in the second half?
  • Also in terms of offense, will we see sustained drives? In no way is that a dig at the offense, as they were scoring at will early last week, but it also lead to a ton of offense from Boise which, in turn, means the defense was on the field a lot.
  • We've heard Harlon Barnett say the defense will be simplified a bit this week. What does that mean? The Noles were quite active in rotating personnel against the Broncos, especially early. Does that mean we won't see such a revolving door?
  • One final offensive query ahead of today: Will the Noles be able to establish a running game? Cam Akers had that 35-yard touchdown rush last week, but he and Khalan Laborn weren't huge factor's in the offense after the first handful of drives and if FSU is going to be successful, those two need to find success.

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