FINAL: FSU 3 - Virginia Tech 24

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
September 3, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Florida State's 2018 football season is officially underway, with the Seminoles kicking off their season on Labor Day against the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Below is a running live blog of the game, including commentary, analysis and play by play. Live updates will also be provided on Twitter.

FINAL: FSU 3 - VT 24

That'll do it. FSU falls in their first game of 2018 and in their first game under Willie Taggart.

4th Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 17 - 9:49

On third down from inside the red zone, the Noles go Wildcat with three in the backfield, led by Cam Akers, and it leads to a fumble.

VT ball with a chance to kill some clock.

4th Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 17 - 11:36


After compiling 2 yards on his first 10 carries, Akers spins out of a tackle against Caleb Farley and takes it 84 yards to the VT seven yardline. Best scoring opportunity of the day for the Seminoles.


Not a lot to talk about from this quarter, other than the offensive line has been an issue. I could be speaking out of turn, but I don't think the Noles ran a play in VT territory in that quarter.

3rd Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 17 - 8:54

It's been two offensive series for the Noles so far, and two three-and-outs. Deondre is having less and less time to make plays when it's a pass, and Cam nor Jacques are having time to go forward after getting the ball.

This VT defense (mainly due to circumstances) is swarming the FSU front right now.


Halftime couldn't come quickly for FSU.

Some halftime thoughts:

  • All offseason, I thought the defense would be the weak point for Virginia Tech. They've proven that wrong, despite allowing 247 total yards.
  • This offense...has growing pains. I can't pinpoint what exactly it is, but it isn't working. The big plays are, but the Noles aren't creating much.
  • I'm not sure if it's game plan or scheme oriented, but I'm surprised we're seeing a lot of late of Jacques Patrick. He has 43 yards on five carries. While Cam Akers technically has more work, he was scarcely found in the back half of the second quarter (also has just seven yards on nine carries).
  • It was a rough start for the defense, but they've sharpened up. They allowed 181 total yards at the half.

    2nd Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 17 - 1:39

    The pieces are there, it just isn't being put together.

    FSU has shown flashes of doing good things, but a lot of their offensive momentum has come from obvious big plays (deep passes, mostly).

    However, Jacques Patrick has been a horse so far. Only five carries, but already 43 yards on the ground.

    2nd Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 17 - 3:50

    From bad to worse.

    The literal next play for FSU after the blocked punt for a touchdown is an interception by Francois. He was trying to find Keith Gavin deep across the middle, but it ends in the hands of Caleb Farely (who benefited from a bit of a push from Gavin).

    That kind of night, folks.

    2nd Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 17 - 3:57

    A poor offensive series ends in disaster for FSU, as Logan Tyler's punt (from his own endzone, by the way) gets blocked by Chris Cunningham, and Erick Kumah recovers for the touchdown.

    And by recovers I mean picks it out of the air.

    2nd Quarter, FSU 3 - VT 10 - 7:26

    Hey, points!

    And, it should have been a lot more points - Nyquan Murray took a nice run off a screen-pass and was tackled near the endzone. Officials said it was down, but replay showed he was in.

    Just the kind of night the Noles have had so far.

    Let's see if the defense can keep up the stellar play.

    2nd Quarter, FSU 0 - VT 10 - 12:47

    Ricky Aguayo misses a 37-yard field goal.

    VT ball at their own 20 yardline.

    2nd Quarter, FSU 0 - VT 10 - 12:51

    The quarter didn't start off super well for the Noles; Deondre got sacked on the first play of the quarter and Cam Akers was brought immediately down on a triple-option look.

    Kieth Gavin just dropped a would-be touchdown in the end zone and was a little slow to get up, but was able to leave the field on his own. Shouldn't be anything serious.


    The Noles got all sorts of momentum to end that quarter - the first defensive stop of the game, a 37-yard pick up from Khalan Laborn and a 21-yard pick up by Keith Gavin have the Noles in business as the quarter ends.

    1st Quarter, FSU 0 - VT 10 - 4:23

    FSU can't get out of their own way early; turnovers and penalties are hindering the Seminoles in this first quarter.

    But, the defense has a good chance to make some noise, as the Noles have backed VT up to their own five yardline.

    1st Quarter, FSU 0 - VT 10 - 7:52

    The Noles' defense does it's job, and holds VT to a field goal but not before giving up a long run to Deshawn McClease, who already has 60 yards on four touches.

    What answer does FSU have for the early turnover?

    1st Quarter, FSU 0 - VT 7 - 8:53

    Slow start for the offense, but a big Deondre Francois to Keith Gavin connection put the Noles near midfield, but Nyquan Murray coughed the ball up and VT is set up with great field position, looking to go up by two scores.

    1st Quarter, FSU 0 - VT 7 - 10:34

    VT drove down the field with ease; a 75-yard drive in 4:26 puts the Hokies on the board first.

    Jackson showed off his passing ability with a beautiful touch-pass to the corner of the end zone to Damon Hazelton, who manhandled Levonta Taylor with ease.

    Noles down for the first time this year.

    1st Quarter, 11:20

    Virginia Tech has moved the ball with ease during this first drive. Brian Burns had one good defensive hurry on quarterback Josh Jackson (the first real pressure all day) slowed the Hokies down in the red zone.

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