Odell gets choked up discussing Marvin Wilson: 'I love him'

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By: Brendan Sonnone | Noels247
November 11, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (247Sports) — Odell Haggins cares about Florida State, and he especially cares about the players he’s coached over the years.

I think we all knew this already, but if you needed any further evidence of the passion Haggins has for his guys...his press conference on Monday was it.

The moment was brief, the answer shorter than others. But it was genuine and heartfelt, enough to jar me in the middle of the presser.

Haggins, FSU’s interim head coach, was asked about what it meant to see defensive tackle Marvin Wilson waiting for the team bus when it arrived back at FSU on Saturday evening following a 38-31 win at Boston College. Wilson, who’s been part of Haggins’ position group the last three years, did not make the trip after he underwent season-ending surgery on his hand earlier in the week.

During his response, Haggins got choked up and clearly had to fight back tears.

“That means a lot. Well, first of all, Marvin is a special kid. Marvin came to Florida State from Houston. That young man, he loves Florida State,” Haggins said. “And that tells you about the branding of Florida State when a kid comes here. He gets a feel for the community and the university and the people around. And a lot of players and as his coach, position coach it
brought tears to my eyes. Just think about this. You are an adult. You want your best player on your team he can't play, he wants to be there, he's sacrificing, ‘Coach, I'll wrap it up and I'll play this game make sure we get bowl eligible’.

“That speaks a lot. He's a big-time leader. Great kid. I love him.”

FSU is 3-0 under Haggins’ direction as an interim coach (2-0 in 2017, 1-0 in 2019), and it’s easy to see why the team responds to him. This past week, after the emotional win over BC, players showered Haggins with a Powerade bath.

"Don't get mad at me about this, but I only got one thing to say about Odell. He's the GOAT. The GOAT,” quarterback James Blackman said. “That's it.”

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