Propst case moves to ‘due process’ stage; attorney releases statement

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By: WALB News 10
July 18, 2019

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -- The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GPSC) said the investigation into Rush Propst is now in the “due process stage.”

This comes months after the Colquitt County school board voted to fire the acclaimed football coach.

The commission said they have cause to penalize Propst’s teaching license.

Propst now has the option to either accept the recommended sanction, or ask for a hearing to contest it.

The commission said they couldn’t comment further until the case is closed.

Kelley O’Neill-Boswell, Propst’s attorney, issued a statement to WALB Thursday.

“Coach Propst has demanded his right to a hearing regarding the Professional Standards Commission’s investigation and its recommendations, which lack any substantiation. We will vehemently contest the allegations made against Coach Propst. We look forward to a fair due process hearing where the evidence from all credible witnesses can be fully and fairly examined."

In May, WALB obtained a copy of Propst’s personnel file.

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