Taggart taking Noles back to basics after first-month struggles

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By: Ryan Kelly | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
September 20, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Florida State has struggled mightily through the first month of the college football season as the FSU offensive approach to "lethal simplicity," simply hasn't been able to move the football.

New Seminoles head coach Willie Taggart, however, believes he's found some small solutions to his offense's big problems, like getting back to basics; especially on the offensive line.

"We went back more about fundamentals and technique, that to me is the most important thing when it comes to those guys and then making sure they just do their jobs and not try to do someone else's," Taggart said. "I think if we just do that and do it the right way then good things will happen for us."

They key to any good system in football is communication, and Taggart says his Seminoles have improved the way they've talked to each other about what they're supposed to do: Not just on the offensive line, but the entire offensive unit.

"From everybody, not just our o-line but everyone. - special teams meetings, offensive and defensive meetings - guys are speaking up and talking and that's great but they're committed to doing those things, we asked them to do something and they're committing themselves to doing what the coaches have asked them to do," Taggart said. "The big thing is not only do you do that but take it from the classroom to the football field and then execute it."

However, Taggart seems the most optimistic about the atmosphere at practice this week, with FSU players wanting to do their part to get things done.

"Our guys want to get it corrected and they're committed to getting it corrected and they know it starts in practice," he said. "We've gotta practice like we want to win ballgames and you practice hard, practice right, practice smart then those things carry over."

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