Two-a-Days: Maclay School preseason outlook

By: Kristi Kopanis | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
August 4, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Maclay enters year two under head coach Lance Ramer and the Marauders will be one of the youngest, and arguably smallest, teams in the Big Bend this year.

"The guys are coachable," Ramer told the media at the 4quartersonline Media Day last week. "There's no ego - everything's in sync. They've bought in, they're selfless and they're humble.

"Our coaching staff says it every day - we're lucky to work with them. They work their tail off," Ramer continued.

This offseason, Ramer introduced yoga to his squad to help their bodies for the upcoming season.

"I didn't like it at first," one of his players lamented when asked about the yoga regime.

The Marauders' slate includes JPII, Aucilla Christian and Georgia Christian. They open the season against Bishop Snyder from Jacksonville.

Below, you can view the Maclay School transcript from WCTV's Media Day live blog. If you missed anything from Media Day, you can visit the live blog by clicking here.

Maclay is represented by head coach Lance Ramer and three players

Coach Ramer's opening statements
"We’ve included a yoga training session to work on our flexibility. We’re just trying to improve on every facet - speed, strength and mentally. We’re still young. Our offensive line will play together for two years. We’re young, but we’re young and experienced. We’re not looking past anything, we’re not looking at our schedule. We’re just looking to get better."

Coach Ramer on having a small team
“The guys are coachable. There’s no ego - everything is in sync. They’ve bought in, they’re selfless, they’re humble. Our coaching staff says it every day - we’re lucky to work with them. They work their tail off.”
“we’re still trying to build our program, but we’re trying to build it from 6th grade and on up.”
“We’re trying to be creative when it comes to health. We hit in small amounts of time - we can’t just sit in practice and hit each other for two hours.”

Coach Ramer on the youth of the team
“There’s not a senior in this room. But like I said, they’re young and they have some experience. They know how to battle - they know how to get knocked down and get back up. They’re not a fraud to get hit. Every day they want to get better.”

Coach Ramer on the new playoff system
“Top to bottom, we’re with some very good teams. But we feel like we can compete. We feel really good about it. I feel like it’s a good system - it works to help the smaller schools, especially here in Tallahassee.”

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