FINAL: Florida State 38 - Wake Forest 17

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
October 20, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The Florida State Seminoles are back in action following a bye week and it's homecoming in Tallahassee.

FSU is looking for their second ACC win of the season and is looking to hold a winning record for the first time this year.

Wake is also coming off a bye and can't stop the run well, so lets see if the Noles, who have struggled on the ground, can take advantage.

Below will be a running live blog of today's game, where you'll find game updates and analysis from the WCTV Sports team.

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That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for hanging with me and apologies for lack of fourth quarter updates - the set up from Doak is a bit strange.

Anyway, here is our initial gamer. Quotes from Taggart and maybe some players are incoming.


Outside of that two-play opening drive, it was kind of a dull third quarter.

FSU really just trying to milk this clock to get their second ACC win of the year, it feels like.

3rd Quarter, 11:19 - FSU 31 - Wake Forest 10

Ricky Aguayo hits his first field goal attempt of the day, form 49-yards out, and the Noles continue to be in the driver's seat.

3rd Quarter, 14:30 - FSU 28 - Wake Forest 10

Cam Akers. That's all.

No, literally, that's all. Cam breaks off runs of 17 and 55 yards to put the Noles on the scoreboard again and just like that it's 28-10.


The Noles turned it on into overdrive in that second quarter, and finish the half with 249 total yards of offense.

Deondre Francois is 15-of-21 for 211 yards and a touchdown.

Noonie leads all receivers with six receptions and 88 yards, including the lone receiving touchdown.

The ground game is still lacking for the Noles; Patrick has seven carries for 13 yards and Akers has seven carries for 22 yards. Each have a touchdown, though.

2nd Quarter, 2:01 - FSU 21 - Wake Forest 10

FSU extends their lead behind the arm of Deondre Francois, who lofts a beautiful 33-yard touchdown pass to Noonie Murray on fourth and three.

That coming after the Noles had a touchdown taken off the board, that one to Tamorrion Terry, due to a holding call.

FSU's offense isn't 100 percent clicking yet, but it looks really good thus far.

2nd Quarter, 9:50 - FSU 14 - Wake Forest 10

The Noles turn Samuels' pick into six points after Patrick gets the ball thrice from the nine and punches it in.

FSU leads for the first time today, with a defense that gets better and better every drive.

2nd Quarter, 10:39 - FSU 7 - Wake Forest 10

FSU gets a good break immediately after their bad break, as Stanford Samuels III picks off a pass off the hands of a Demon Deacons receiver and takes it to the nine yardline.

All is forgiven, for now, of Gavin.

2nd Quarter, 11:31 - FSU 7 - Wake Forest 10

Talk about your bad breaks for Florida State: What should have been a 60-yard touchdown pass from Deondre Francois to Keith Gavin turned into a fumble and recovery in the endzone for Wake Forest after Gavin had the ball stripped from behind as he looked to score with ease.


1st Quarter, 0:24 - FSU 7 - Wake Forest 10

That may be the best drive of the year, and is what the Gulf Coast Offense should look like.

Francois, who had completed just three passes before the drive began, rattles of four completions in a row to drive the Noles to the three yardline in just over a minute before Cam Akers punched int in for six.

FSU is back in this one.

1st Quarter, 6:00 - FSU 0 - Wake Forest 10

Wake's up-tempo offense is already making the FSU defense look tired. Defensive ends aren't able to close the edge on receivers and when they're covered, Wake is going across the middle, like Sam Hartman did to find Jack Freudenthal to cap off a 51-yard drive and give Wake their first touchdown in Tallahassee since 2006.

1st Quarter, 10:32 - FSU 0 - Wake Forest 3

FSU responds with a quick three-and-out on an incomplete swing pass, a go-nowhere handoff to Jacques Patrick and a no-gain scramble from Francois.

Quick-paced WF is out again.

1st Quarter, 11:54 - FSU 0 - Wake Forest 3

In a nutshell, that drive explains how potent and detrimental a tempo offense can be. Wake moved the ball 61 yards in just over three minutes but once they were set with a fresh set of downs inside the 20, they stalled out and settled for a field goal.

A touchdown pass hit off the hands of Sage Surratt just a handful of plays before the field goal, so three points is kind of a win for the Noles defense.

Time to see how the offense responds.


FSU wins the coin toss and defers to the second half. Wake will get the ball to begin today's contest.


Hello, all! Thanks for joining us today as the Noles and Demon Deacons square off.

It's a sparse homecoming crowd for what is a winnable game for the Noles (but, then again, haven't nearly all of them been?).

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