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About Us

Jim Bennett's Plumbing, Inc., serving customers since 1969, has evolved into this area's best known plumbing business. We provide installation, and repair service to residential and commercial customers. We have emergency service available 24 hours a day. We offer special services such as septic tank & grease trap pumping, trenching & sewer replacement, jet machine & backhoe service. No job is too big or too small.

Jim Bennett’s Plumbing FAQ

Do I really need a skilled plumber to come to my home to fix a leaky faucet or clear a clogged drain?
Yes! You may not know everything that a plumber knows. Plumbers are highly skilled and versatile craftsmen. They can install and repair pipes and plumbing fixtures, diagnose clogged-drain problems and solve all problems related to water systems in your building. Do-it-yourself solutions are great when they work, but your insurance policy may not cover flood losses if you make a mistake.

The thing that sets our plumbers apart from the competition is our dedication to continued training and education in the latest plumbing techniques and tools. This enables us to do better work for our customers. Our plumbers receive technical training, but we are also the undisputed leaders in customer-service training. This means you are guaranteed a courteous, professional and friendly plumber at your door, every time! Call Jim Bennett’s Plumbing and you’ll discover that service is our first priority.

Can I install a new sink or plumbing fixture in my home, or is this something best left to the professionals at Jim Bennett's Plumbing?
Many homeowners are capable of handling these kinds of jobs by themselves. Some of the bigger home centers even show you how. However, our experience has shown that some projects are better left to the professionals. Yes, we’ve gotten more than a few calls from distressed customers who are stuck in the middle of a project. Jim Bennett’s Plumbing provides custom builder-quality installation and upgrades for sinks, toilets, laundry tubs, laundry hookups, bathtubs, whirlpool tubs, showers, all kinds of faucets, garbage disposals and more.

What is instant hot water? How does it save me money?
Instant hot water is a system that circulates hot water in your home. It is designed so that when you open a faucet, warm water is there immediately. There is no need to run water down the drain waiting for hot water to arrive. Did you know that hot water recirculation systems save water, energy and money? On average, a family of four wastes up to 17,000 gallons of water per year just waiting for hot water to arrive. A hot water recirculation system eliminates waste and provides the convenience of instant hot water. But you don’t need a newly built home to benefit from the advantages of one of these systems. There are under-the-sink retrofit systems designed for use in existing homes, and Jim Bennett’s Plumbing can adapt a system to suit your existing plumbing.

I have a plumbing emergency! I need a plumber now. Who do I call?
Jim Bennett’s Plumbing has technicians available specifically for emergency calls. They can diagnose and solve your plumbing problem right away. Just call 850-878-3178 and Jim Bennett’s Plumbing will answer, guaranteed!