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Phone: (850) 385-9712

About Us

Momentum Fitness was founded on the desire to foster healthy lifestyles of all different shapes and sizes. A gym, built on community, with trainers and members who encourage and inspire one another. Our name, Momentum, speaks to movement. Progress. Personal victory. And our roots are anchored in knowing that we have the ability to help women and men live more fully in the moment through healthier choices.

Our health club is large, but the community we’ve cultivated inside is tight-knit. The building itself has allowed us to create a unique club experience that contains a series of boutique studios inside. Of course, we have the standard cardio and strength training equipment. But we go beyond the basics. We’ve created spaces for functional training, yoga, martial arts and ballet fitness programming.

Our owners have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. As local residents, they not only know Tallahassee but understand the ins and outs of the health club business. With Momentum, they are launching a personal vision to help others find fulfillment and joy in choosing a healthy lifestyle. They have put together a team of top-notch trainers, group class instructors and friendly staff to help you seize your moment. We hope you’ll swing by for a chance to meet our team.

Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training - Our certified personal training staff will coach you, support you and motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals. Our personal trainers are dedicated to coaching Tallahassee to a healthier way of living and improved physical performance. Using our skill and experience, we will guide you to make breakthroughs in your fitness and dramatic improvements to your overall quality of life. Set a goal and reach it with us!

Go Performance - Our Small Group Training program capitalizes on a small group environment and utilizes the latest functional strength and conditioning methods to maximize results. To add value to this type of training, we use the award winning goPerformance® equipment and process. These fun and innovative workouts improve performance, burn fat and build muscle. All workouts are scaled to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. The first of its kind in Tallahassee, our studio-type facility is located inside of Momentum Fitness.

Group Fitness

From Buti Yoga and Zumba to Martial arts and Ballet Fit, our certified Group Fitness instructors are focused on helping you reach your fitness goals and get you in the best cardiovascular shape of your life. Our classes aim to sculpt, stretch and workout every part of your body while providing a great sense of community. Classes are open to all fitness levels.

Absolute Abs - Sculpt and pull in your core through a combination of movements proven to give you the smallest midsection possible.

Ballet Fit - Sculpt those long and get lean muscles that professional dancers have without any dance experience required.

Booty Bootcamp - A scientific combination of certain lunges and squats to lift and sculpt your booty and thighs.

Buti Glow - Tribal Dance, Primal Movement & Dynamic Yoga to release stress & embrace yourself. We also encourage you to paint your body with glow paint and enjoy the black light atmosphere.

Buti Yoga - A mix of tribal dance, primal movement & dynamic yoga to release stress & embrace yourself.

Fit & Functional - Align your spine & gain core balance to live life to the fullest.

Martial Arts Fitness - Sculpt your muscles through Martial Arts drills & punch your stress away.

Pound - Pound away your stress as you drum to the beat with weighted drum sticks. Guaranteed to find your inner rock star & sculpt all over at the same time.

Sweat & Burn - Sculpt one muscle group at a time through a combination of low-impact multiple aerobic reps and great music. You choose your own weights and difficulty level based on your own personal goals.

The Dance of Yoga -
A blend of fluid yoga stretches, dance exercises, dance meditation, relaxation and synchronized mantra and movement.

Yoga - Gain flexibility, strength & balance while relieving stress.

Zumba - The combination of cardio dance to Latin music that allow you to tone and burn calories while having fun.