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White House officials mulling whether McConnell can invite Trump for State of the Union address

Women senators in Georgia say they're being sidelined

Pelosi asks Trump to postpone State of the Union

Kirsten Gillibrand formally enters 2020 race with announcement on Colbert's "Late Show"

House GOP strips Steve King of committee posts over white supremacy comment

Kemp sworn in as Georgia's 83rd governor

CBS News poll: Trump, Democrats and GOP draw disapproval over shutdown

Trump mulling use of disaster aid to fund border wall

Trump claims he "never meant" Mexico would "write a check" to pay for the wall

Gov.-elect Kemp kicks off victory lap after contentious race

Outgoing governor to teach at UGA, other schools

Asked how long shutdown will go on, Trump says "whatever it takes"

Democrats seek equal airtime after Trump speech

Every living president has refuted Trump's claim about supporting the wall

Trump says he is considering calling a national emergency to build the wall

Gov. Scott delays US Senate oath

Democrats vote to fund Homeland Security without wall

Democrats agreed to a border fence in 2006 – is Trump’s wall different?

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