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Beto O'Rourke proposes new 'war tax' to fund veteran health care

Roy Moore announces another run for US Senate

Revisiting 2016 campaign, Trump launches reelection bid in Florida

Gillum Believes First Time Voters Will Swing Florida Blue in 2020

Trump says Florida re-election rally will rock

Rep. Mike Hill apologizes for response to idea to make homosexuality punishable by death

U.S. House plans final vote on federal disaster bill

Representative Mike Hill facing calls for resignation

Rep. Lawson announces endorsement for Joe Biden in 2020 presidential race

Kamala Harris introduces plan to end gender pay gap

Kirsten Gillibrand says anti-abortion laws are "against Christian faith"

Elizabeth Warren rejects Fox News town hall, calls channel "hate-for-profit racket"

Gillibrand vows to only nominate judges who would uphold Roe v. Wade

Bernie Sanders says everyone deserves the right to vote — even if you're in jail

In a bid for union votes, 2020 hopefuls rally around $15 minimum wage

President Trump planning to hold Make America Great Again rally in Florida Panhandle

Joe Biden kicks off 2020 campaign with first rally in Pittsburgh

Biden set to launch presidential campaign on Thursday

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