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Posted: 02/19/2020 - In mild cases, scleroderma causes areas of hardened skin. But in severe cases, it can also cause deadly hardening of internal organs like the lungs.

Posted: 02/16/2020 - Student complaints of being served moldy bread and finding bugs in mac and cheese at a campus food court led Savannah State University to close its student center, where health inspectors later reported finding “many dead roaches” in the kitchen.

Posted: 02/11/2020 - The Florida Department of Health in Hamilton and Madison counties issued a joint health advisory Tuesday to residents near the Withlacoochee River in North Florida.

Updated: 02/05/2020 - Health authorities are scrambling to halt the spread of a new virus that has killed hundreds in China. But with important details about the illness and how it spreads still unknown, officials and medical personnel are struggling.

Updated: 01/31/2020 - Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is launching a new app to help folks find their way around the growing hospital campus.

Posted: 01/30/2020 - Do you sleep on your stomach, back or on your side? Which way is best? Some sleeping positions offer more benefits than others.

Posted: 01/30/2020 - A message from the school said the families were informed Thursday morning and hope the students could be in class as soon as possible.

Updated: 01/29/2020 - Florida State University has announced a suspension of travel to all parts of China.

Posted: 01/23/2020 - The Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed five flu-related deaths between the South Health District and the Southwest Health District, which covers 24 South Georgia counties.

Posted: 01/13/2020 - It's that time of year when going to work can come with a health risk.