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Health Alert

211 Big Bend on mental health during the holidays

Working out while pregnant builds better babies

Ivanhoe dispels Preterm birth myths

Teen van takes medical care on the road

Consumer Reports: Grading food labels

Researchers identify new strain of HIV

TV time hurts preschoolers' sleep

Port Wine Stain treatments: The earlier the better

Caring for Alzheimer's and dementia patients

Red is the most risky ink color, and other health issues from tattoos

Supplements: Good for Your Heart or A Waste Of Time?

FDA wants stronger warning on breast implants about risks

Research finds lack of sleep leads to junk food cravings

VSU hosts Mental Wellness Day as University System of Georgia creates Mental Health Task Force

Community turns Grady County green for 'Turner's Tribe Day'

Smart Living: Why your workout isn't working

Positive Parenting: Impulsive behavior linked to screens and sleep

FAMU professors to be recognized for breast cancer research

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