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Health Alert

Daytime sleepiness could be sign of Alzheimer’s disease, study says

Poll: 4 in 10 parents say they'd get new pediatrician if they treat unvaccinated kids

Researchers testing drug made from stem cells for stroke recovery

Measles vaccine: Do you need one?

West Nile human infection confirmed in SW Ga

New study shows vaping linked to marijuana use in young people

Asbestos found in state building, workers raise concerns

Florida officials declare a public health emergency after rise in Hepatitis A cases

Florida, Georgia among states tied to pig-ear dog treat salmonella outbreak

Federal judge upholds a Trump alternative to 'Obamacare'

Rabies Alert issued for Leon County Department of Health

Mother speaks to challenges raising troubled child

E-Cigarettes to be banned in Indoor and traditional non-smoking areas

New Mental Health Facility opening its doors to Frenchtown area

Univ. of Mich. researchers studying how to preserve shoulder function following cancer treatments

Doctors say some diets can do more harm than good

Your summer "base tan" is wrecking your skin, experts say

White meat just as bad as red meat for your cholesterol, study finds

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