Not Guilty Plea in Sex with Horse Case

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Gadsden County, FL - The defendant, Patrick Linn, did not show up in court today.

His attorney filed a not guilty plea on his behalf.

A case management hearing was scheduled for January 10.

Gadsden County, FL - A Gadsden County man arrested for sneaking into a barn and having sex with a horse is now facing a big bond to get out of jail.

Patrick Linn was arrested earlier this week and charged with burglary, trespassing and sex acts with animals.

The judge set bond at $47,500. At last check Linn had not posted that bond.

Gadsden County - A Gadsden County man is accused of sneaking into a neighbor's barn and having sex with a horse.

It's the second time Patrick Linn has been arrested for it .

The owner of that horse can hardly believe Linn would return to the scene of the crime.

"I would say it's hard to believe, but I had a feeling he'd be back because I believe it's a compulsion type thing with him. I don't ... I just ... it's bad," Allen McDearmid said shaking his head.

Allen McDearmid says he knew there was trouble when his wife went to the barn and noticed a some lubricant on the stall door.

"She then checked the horse ... and I went down and checked the security video and sure enough there he was going into the stall," McDearmid said.

Deputies say Patrick Linn was caught on tape sneaking into McDearmid's barn in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Linn has been charged with trespassing, burglary and sex acts with animals.
That animal is a stud horse named Sunny.

It comes two years after Linn was caught on tape and arrested for doing the same thing in the same barn with a different horse. Linn was sentenced to two years in prison for the break in and was just released in May.

The McDearmid's and just about everyone else around here can't believe Linn would return knowing there were surveillance cameras in the barn.

Monday night deputies waited for Linn. They wound up chasing him through the woods and arresting him in front of his own house more than a mile way. Linn told them he'd been out for a walk.

"The guy knows right from wrong or he wouldn't be running like he does, but he ain't totally right for what he's doing," McDearmid said.
"I think he needs help and he needs to be put away so he can't do anything like that."

McDearmid says he is tired of worrying about what he's going to find when he walks out in his yard at night or what his wife or daughter might find.

"Where does that lead to? It could escalate ... you don't know," he said.
Gadsden County, FL - WCTV will have an interview with the horse's owner coming up tonight on WCTV Eyewitness News at 6.

Gadsden County, FL - A Gadsden County man once arrested for having sexual relations with a horse is now facing four new charges, one of which is again, animal related.

According to the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office website, Patrick Louis Linn, 44, is currently behind bars for trespassing, resisting officer, burglary and a fourth charge listed as "Conservation-Animals," Statute 828.126.2a.

According to the Florida Senate Website, 2012 Florida Statutes under 828.126 are sexual activities involving animals, with 2a. stating to "knowingly engage in any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal."

Linn was arrested on October 1 by the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department and is currently in jail as of Tuesday night.

He was arrested on similar charges in 2010. Court records show he was released from prison in May.

Previous Story, December 10, 2010 6:07 pm - Patrick Louis Linn was arrested for having sexual relations with a horse in Havana. Friday he had a hearing in Gadsden County.

The man was sneaking onto property for hours at a time and having relations with the horses. Friday's hearing was to see if he was not competent to stand trial. His lawyer said that he is competent and will be going to trial February 3rd,2011.

Previous Story, December 10, 2010 10:08 am - Patrick Louis Linn
has been found competent and will stand trial February 3, 2011.

Previous Story, December 10, 2010 10:00 am - The Gadsden County Court is deciding today (12/10) if Patrick Louis Linn is competent to stand trial. He was arrested for having sex with a horse in Havana earlier this year. Eyewitness News has a reporter in court and we will be bringing you details on the trial.

*** Warning - Some readers may find some of the material to be sexually graphic/offensive in nature ****

"It's really sickening that somebody would be doing something like that."

Allen and Priscilla McDearmid say they don't feel as safe as they once did on their Havana farm. Someone has been trespassing on their property and leaving personal and very graphic items behind in the barn.

43-year-old Patrick Linn is being held in the Gadsden County jail on burglary and trespassing charges, but the sheriff's office and the District Attorney are pursuing bestiality charges.

The McDearmid's knew someone was coming into their horse stalls at night, but what they found, made them think the worst.

Deputies say the items left behind were sexual in nature. When Linn came to the barn Tuesday night and saw investigators waiting for him, he took off into the woods, and deputies found him hours later.

"I have walked these pastures in the middle of the night checking on mares that were due to foal, and never felt the slightest worry about being endangered and now, I don't even like to have the dog out at night lately because we don't know if that man is standing over there in the corner somewhere watching," says Priscilla.

"You just don't feel secure, we've never had any type of problems out here, I leave doors unlocked, and everything, but it's different now, it really is," says Allen.

The McDearmids want bestiality charges pressed, but there are no such laws against it in Florida.

"This individual is exactly where he needs to be right now, he is in our segregated unit at the county jail for his own safety he will be given a psychological evaluation as things proceed," says Lt. Jim Corder with the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office.

Right now, this is the only property the sheriff's deputies are investigating, however, they don't know how many other barns Linn could have targeted.

Florida is one of only 16 states that still permit bestiality A bill outlawing "sexual activities with animals" died pending review in the 2010 regular session. This bill would have made such acts a felony in Florida.

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