Bicycle Bandit: "I Gonna End My Life..."

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David Bruce Voss was found dead in his cell early September. He was arrested for robbing two Tallahassee banks. A report released Monday says Voss wrapped his sheets around his neck and hung himself from the towel rack.

The Sheriff's Office says Voss told investigators with the FBI and the Tallahassee Police Department of his plans but the information was not relayed.

"There was a statement made and the statement was referenced to suicidal threats. And this statement was not communicated to the arresting agent which would have forwarded that to the correctional deputies," said SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

Eyewitness news obtained a copy of the interview where Voss made the suicidal comments. In the tape you can see LCSO Detective Lee Fuller leave the room. Fuller would be gone for more than seven minutes. With Fuller out the room, Voss made this statement:

"I'm not gonna make it. I'm gonna end my life for now. I can't do this. Yes, I am. I can't do it. My kids."

The FBI says Voss's interview was seven to eight hours long and only a portion was recorded. Investigators say at times Voss was upbeat and cooperative. The FBI made this comment regarding the interrogation:

"It is important to evaluate any and all statements he made within the context of the many hours he spent with investigators."

TPD says Voss's remark was the only comment of that nature made during questioning.

"It appeared to be an emotion that surfaced, and shortly there after if you watch the rest of the tape, the emotion dissipates and he's talking about something else," said OFC David McCranie of the Tallahassee Police Department.

LCSO says if it was notified about the comments Voss would have been put on 24-hour surveillance, and Voss's life could have possibly been saved.

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