Health Alert Issued For Well Water in Georgia

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A record-breaking drought sweeping South Georgia has the health department issuing an alert to residents using well water.

Melissa Durkin with the Health Department says it's "to inform them about the possibility of contamination of water. When the water levels drop you can have more increased possibilities of contamination."

Those possibilities include animal fecal matter, e. coli, bacteria or dangerous chemicals seeping into the water supply.

"So we want to encourage people to keep an eye on their water," Durkin adds. "If it looks cloudy or dirty we can test it for them."

Health Departments are ready with state of the art blue lights to detect for bacteria and chemicals.

They'll even incubate the water for 24 hours to make sure no hazardous materials are inside -- and it's all free of charge.

"I guess I'll have to look out for it," says well water user Jennie Mills.

Mills says she'll be extra cautious of the danger -- especially when caring for her great grandson.

"Because it would hurt him or harm him in some kind of way," she says.

Health officials say they've only heard of a couple reports of dirty water.

So they're asking all well users to conserve as much water as possible to lower the danger.

"The lower your water level gets the higher the risk would be that there's contamination in the water supplies," Durkin says.

Call the health department right away if you notice any strange colors, strange odors or unusual tastes in your water.

This alert is only for well users. City water users are not affected.

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