Parents Pull Students Out Of School Over Shooting Rumors

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It started out as a complaint from a student who feared another student was planning to bring a gun to school. It lead to rumors and school wide speculation.

"I've heard a lot like on Myspace. I've heard so many rumors, different rumors from everybody I hear a different story," said scared student Heather Arnold.

Many students say they heard the rumor that someone was going to shoot up the school, through text messages and Myspace.

But Thomas County School Board officials say they handled the situation last week and there is nothing to be concerned about.

"There have been no arrest. There are no weapons at the school. There never were weapons at the school," said Thomas County School Superintendent Dr. Jean Quigg.

School officials told us students were in no immediate danger, but that didn't stop many parents from picking their kids up from school early.

"I know that the students have access to the outside where guns could be hidden in trash cans and in buses and things like that, but I think if they had medal detectors or some kind of an officer with a wand that would check kids as they come and go, that you could eliminate a lot of that," said concerned parent Barbara Dravus.

Many parents say they think the school is properly handling the situation, but they say they were still uneasy leaving their children in school Monday.

"Stuff like that has to be taken seriously, you know you can't take anything like that light handed with everything that's going on with kids these days," said mother Deidre Thoms.

School officials and Thomas County Sheriff's Investigators say there was never an official threat made and there is currently no criminal investigation going on. They assure parents that the school is a safe place for students and teachers.

The Superintendent asks any parents with questions or concerns to contact the school or contact the board office.

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