Are FSU Students Safe? Robberies at Alumni Village Have Students on Edge

UPDATED 4.12.2011 by Julie Montanaro

There have been three hold ups in 24 hours at FSU's Alumni Village and students who live there are on edge.

FSU Police have stepped up patrols, but many of the students we spoke to say they won't be going out after dark anymore.

"In the last couple of months, this has increased a lot so as a student I am, like, very scared," Saeha Duger said as she waited for the bus at the entrance to Alumni Village.

Duger can't believe it. Robbers struck twice Monday night on the heels of an armed carjacking the night before.

"In the evening, people usually go for walks, but now, it's kind of scary to, you know, even walk around," Duger said.

"Everyday we take a walk outside before we go to sleep and I haven't seen anything peculiar so as far as that is concerned, I feel quite safe," Luc Jans said.

Right now, FSU Police have few leads into a pair of robberies Monday night. They happened minutes apart on Pennell Circle by building 319. In one case a student was jogging, in the other a faculty member was walking. In both cases, the victims were surrounded by four men who punched them, and took their valuables.

"It can go for months without something like this happening and then, kind of, when it rains it pours. So it definitely gets our attention and it does demand a response," said FSU Police Spokesman Jim Russell.

"Next time, it will be me or my friends so I'm just very concerned about it," said Alumni Village resident Fang Xi Gu.

FSU Police have stepped up patrols at Alumni Village and are taking a closer look at lighting, fencing and other security options.

"The security is not so good, obviously," said Alumni Village resident Yuanda Chen, "and I think the school should put more people to look out."

An 18 year old was arrested after officers spotted him driving the car stolen in that Sunday carjacking, but the group of four men who struck last night is still out there.

FSU Police caution Alumni Village residents not to walk alone after dark.
Tallahassee, FL - April 11, 2011 --

The FSU Police Department is investigating 2 strong armed robberies that
occurred at about 9:33pm in the Alumni Village. Earlier information
suggested one robbery, but FSUPD is now confirming two. The suspects are described as 4 black males, one of whom is possibly wearing a white
shirt. Descriptions are vague at this time. No weapons have been seen,
but suspects punched one or more victims. Police are on scene now and
searching for suspects and providing services.

Alumni Village Residents are advised to stay indoors and report any
suspicious activitiy immediately to the FSU Police at 644-1234 or by
dialing 911.

Updates will be posted to the FSU Alerts webpsage at
Check there for updates.

Crime Prevention Tips:

1. Stay indoors this evening of you are an Alumni Village Resident.

2. Report suspicious activity immediately to police.

3. If you must go out at night, do not walk alone.

4. Stay in well lighted and well populated areas if possible.

5. If you are robbed, remember, things can be replaced. Do not risk
injury to protect property.

This is provided to you as a service of the FSU Police Department to
assist you with making sound personal safety decisions.

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