Atwater Designated as Next Year's Florida Senate President

Republicans formally designated North Palm Beach Senator Jeff Atwater as next year’s President at an early evening ceremony Tuesday in the historic chambers at the Old Capitol. Miami Senator Alex Villalobos was originally in line to succeed Ken Pruitt as leader, but Atwater won the power struggle. He spoke of the perceived rift between the Senate and the House. The Senate essentially forced the House to take or leave its property tax cut amendment in October, which voters will decide in January.
“I wouldn’t call it so much a rift. We come at this from dynamics of different perspectives. And to come together now, what we did this past couple of months, we lay before the voters. But it’s a step. We have to come right back with ideas as to how now might we structure our taxes so that private property ownership is truly possible,” Sen. Atwater says.
Atwater was elected to the Senate in 2002. He served one term in the House.

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