Divers Explore Link Between Leon Sinks and Wakulla Springs

Cave divers in Wakulla are reaching new depths and trying to set a world record as well.

This past summer, divers with the Woodville Karst Plain Project discovered a link between Wakulla Springs and Leon County Sinks Cave System.

Saturday they took the plunge into Turner Sink, planning on going the distance.

Divers say the connection betwen the two counties could have a deep impact on remote sinkholes, sewage treatment and drainage.

"All those water inputs affect the quality of the water and ultimately they migrate into the cave system and travel many miles. This dive will be symbolic in that it'll demonstrate a very obvious physical connection between those systems." said Diver Jarrod Jablonski

The distance between the two points is about seven miles long.

The divers left Saturday afternoon at 1pm. They expect to arrive at Wakulla Springs around 9 am Sunday.

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