Posey's Oyster Bar Being Torn Down in St. Marks

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St. Marks, Florida -- December 28, 2011 --

A community staple in St. Marks has gone from being an icon to an eyesore. Posey's Oyster Bar was condemned years ago, and finally is being torn down.

But the demolition is bringing people closer together to remember what once was.

Cindi Vallancourt, St. Marks resident, says, "I'll give away my age here, in 47 years I've never gone without it, now I'll drive by and its going to be gone."

Many residents feel the same way Vallancourt does. Posey's was once the St. Marks hot spot for live music, good food, and good times with friends.

Vallancourt adds, "It was a little restaurant but on Fridays and Saturdays it was a happenin' party place."

People from all over used to flock to Posey's, even a few celebrities.

Vallancourt recalls, "Supposedly Alan Jackson was there, incognito, don't know personally. billy dean, do know, personally, I came to see him and got an autograph."

Now, it sits as just a shell of what it once was.

Demolition worker Michael West says, "It's a condemned building, needed to be take down."

Residents say Posey's was built in 1929. At the time, it was called the "City Cafe" before the name was later changed after World War II. Residents says the building survived may storms and fires.

St. Marks resident Rod Strickland says, "Its weathered many storms since the 30's."

But in 2005, Hurricane Dennis proved to be too much...
The storm blew through, and damaged the local landmark beyond repair.
Those close to the owners say the down economy played a huge role as to why it took so long to pay someone to bring it down.

Now, many pay tribute to say farewell to a building now gone.

Strickland adds, "I remember playing pool in it, and eating miss birdie's ham sandwiches."

But take comfort in memories that will last a lifetime.

Residents even told WCTV one former owner of Posey's is actually credited with inventing the "hush puppy".

They say that's why Posey's.. or City Cafe as it was once known was called 'the home of the hush puppies'.


St. Marks, Florida -- December 28, 2011 --

An historic building that's been in our community since before World War II is no more.

Many of you will remember it as Posey's Oyster Bar in St. Marks.
That building is now being torn down.

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