Tallahassee Plane Crash

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A regular Friday night near FSU turned into a frantic scene when a plane crashed at the intersection of Ocala Road and Tennessee Street.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says it happened at about 8:40 P.M.

Leon County Sheriff's Office Pilot Lee Majors says, "We were right behind the aircraft. He gave no indication to the tower he was having a problem and, um, a few seconds later indicated he had a dead stick and was going to be landing engine out. Approximately 3 more seconds he hit the power line and into the intersection where he is now."

In addition to the pilot who witnessed the plane go down from the air, hundreds more in cars and shopping centers nearby watched as the pilot, 50 year old Hal McCord went down in the 1977 Cessna.

Amazingly, he was not killed when the plane hit and no one near the crash was injured.

Authorities say the secondary damage was a power outage from Macomb Street to Appleyard Drive, leaving an entire area initially out of power.

Danielle Davis from the Tallahassee Police Department says, "There was a student stuck in an elevator on FSU's campus a they have since been notified."

By 11:00, power was restored to many areas, but all surrounding roads would remain blocked to protect evidence from the crash for investigation purposes.

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