160-Foot Sinkhole In Suwannee Getting Repaired

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

September 6, 2013

Live Oak, FL--Sinkholes in Florida have destroyed homes and even swallowed a man in Tampa last year. Suwannee County wants to prevent that from happening locally, so now, after more than a year, Live Oak is repairing their 160- foot sinkhole caused by Tropical Storm Debbie.

"As soon as this popped up, measures were taken immediately to quarantine the area, make it safe, fence the area, to assess it and make a plan of attack and that is what we are doing now, grouting that area," said karry Waldron, the City of Live Oak Administrator.

The flooding opened up countless sinkholes on Warren Street in downtown Live Oak and now FEMA is paying 90 percent of the project and the city will pay 10 percent. The construction will include filling the hole and rebuilding the street.

It formed under two businesses, which have since been demolished. Even though, this project is finally coming to an end, city officials say, it's not over yet.

"There is still a good chance of sinkholes developing in the area, but we don't know when or where that is the problem," said Brent Whitman, the Public Works Director from the city of Live Oak.

The project started Thursday and will be completed by mid-October of 2013.

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