Anti-Violence Block Party

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Tallahassee was busy with events gearing up for Easter... but one
church decided to tackle another issue along the way.

Allen Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church held their fourth annual Resurrection Weekend Block Party.

Organizers called it a day of celebration as well as community outreach against violence in general and especially in their own neighborhood which is near FAMU's campus.

And near the the shooting death of 15-year-old Michael D. Jackson.

They say they offer a safe place for the neighborhood to go.

The President of the Reach Young Adult Ministry, Michael Ray says "If they don't see that alternative then, then they won't have anywhere to turn to, or they won't think they have anywhere to turn to. So simply we come here to show them hey, not only is this the alternative. This is the best way."

The afternoon was filled with fellowship, live music, a clothing drive, free food and family activities.

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