Rice Rationing

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World Rice prices have gone up 70 percent this year and now two major distributors are beginning to limit purchases of imported rice.

The AP says Sam's club is allowing customers to buy only four 20-pound bags of Jasmine, Basmati and long grain rice.

Costco has a similar limit, but distributors BJ's and Wal-mart aren't restricting sales.

"It could cause some real problems. We need food and water to survive and if there are shortages of that, there are going to be problems," says consumer, Bob Lutz.

"It appears they want to make sure there is enough for everybody, even if it means a little bit less." says Liz Compton, from the Department of Agriculture.

The U.S. Rice Federation spokesman says there's no rice shortage in the U.S.

He speculates the rise has to do more with customers, restaurants and neighborhood stores buying larger quantities to avoid surging prices.

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